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    Hi everyone, Im in trouble again with BGL lights.. Followed all tutorials for Gmax (Gamepack FS9 and FS8) and Airport for Windows program. I just wonder why I cannot get any ASM file generated by GMAX as per this tutorial (How to Create a PAPI-4 Approach Lighting System) ? Another tutorial...
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    Lights over custom GP (FS2004) (SOLVED)

    Hi, Im looking for someone who is willing to take a little part in my project. Currently im having problem to make an approach lights appear visible over Custom Ground poly. That is: Scasm Light (AFW) or Blg light command: Using LIGHT_NAV in gmax. Light type - ALSF1 15 strobes. PM me for any...
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    FS2004 Building textures not show

    Hello everyone ! I have an issue with textures on buildings in fs2004. Texture size up to 1024 POT saved as BMP-DXT 1-3 Model made in 3ds max 2012 P3D SDK Tools (64 bit), converted to .X (Tried OBJ, DAE, 3DS) then with MCX to MDL FS9 format. Then either Instant Scenery Library Maker or Arno's...
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    Terrain expert - paid.

    Hi, need somebody who is expert in making terrain scenery or at least who knows how to remove bridges over the river. I Know that this is ancient problem. I read SDK and forum regarding this but at the end I just failed to remove the bridges and finally all became useless to me. So is there...
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    Riga International Airport (RIX) (EVRA) Latvia.

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    ADE-GP polygon/vertex limit ?

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    Thank you.

    I have to say thank you to everyone who helped answered to my questions and say all of the best with your development that I helped with. You all are nice people and it was pleasure to meet you here. But unfortunately I made a decision of not to participate in this forum any more as I had...
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    FSX How do you find shadows from the light ?

    How do you find an idea of the shadows from the light ? MAX render above _________________________________ FSX screenshot below This is actually Bill Leaming's ( technique used here if any wonder.
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    FSX Reflection map rotation

    Hi people, Sorry, Im just reposting this to another place in the forum just for hope to get any tip or help with my issue. So I have a problem with materials/textures for transparent window. The trouble I spot is that default global environment map turns 90 degrees as soon as I apply bump...
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    FSX Global Environment help

    Hi people, Im facing an issue with materials/textures for transparent window. The trouble I spot is that default global environment map turns 90 degrees as soon as I apply bump map for a window. Without bump all fine, but I want the window is slightly ripply. Model made in 3ds max...
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    FSX Clock and temperature Gauge.

    Hi people, I think it might be a silly question, and is not in the right place here in forum, but anyway it is gauges related as I think. So, has anyone tried to place the gauge in to the Scenery ? Actually i need this for a Clock tower that in real time shows Time and Temperature...
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    Shadow problem

    Hi guys, I have a problem with Shadows on the ground and Object itself.. If anyone experienced this before please could you tell whats wrong.. ? Perhaps Im missing some Check box or something like that in Shader tool ? Very Odd to me. See attachment.
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    Tips and tricks needed..

    Guys, I was able to animate such as Gears with Bones and IK HI Solvers + Look At Constraints.. damn, I stuck with simple mechanics here.. Just see picture and if somebody willing to have a fun with with this, please help to get it moving.. No matter what program, can be G-Max or 3DS MAX...
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    FSX SSJ-100 Project development

    Hi all, Just Wanted to share the project that my group is working on. That's SSJ-100. The Exterior and interior will be ready some time later this year. Sadly this bird still awaiting for gauges to be developed. But nevertheless Bird will be tested and pre-released with ISG Gauges and updated...
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    "" is looking For C++ master.

    "" is looking For C++ Gauge developer. For more Info please Contact us through our Webpage or just PM.