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  1. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA FSX Gmax not exporting

    Hello and thank you for your help and time! After having gone from windows 7 to windows 10pro, I'm having a problem with the FSX Gmax exporting anything. This is what's coming up when I try to export a model. I don't know if it's a windows 10 thing or not, but I think you all can help me get...
  2. PAA968 Kenny

    SBuilderX v315 in Win 10 Pro

    Hello. I downloaded and installed SBuilderX v315 in my windows 10 pro, but I can't run it.... Also I can't install NetFrame 4.7 Is there a work around?
  3. PAA968 Kenny

    FS to X-Plane

    Hello. A quick question please, Can ModelConverterX export FS scenery objects or FS scenery librarys that will work in X-Plane?
  4. PAA968 Kenny

    mtlgen.dlt is Missing

    Hello. I'm trying to reinstall the FS2004 gamepack. It installed ok, but when I try to run the FS2004 exe this comes up. Not sure what's missing here. Thank you for your time and help, Kenny
  5. PAA968 Kenny

    Positions off

    Hi Everyone. I have ran in to a bit of a problem with ModelConverterX. When I export an object or export scenery, and then place the models with Instant Scenery or ADE the models are off as much as 3 to 4 feet from where I placed them. This seems to something new ModelConverterX has not done...
  6. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA MDLXWriter path

    Hi. I'm trying convert a FS9 object to a FSX model, but I'm having trouble with the export. Where is the XtoMDL and the ModelDef xml :confused: I can't seem to get the pathways right.
  7. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA AI Tools

    Howdy All:wave::wave: I want to do a little editing of the AI in FSX. What is a good AT editing tool?
  8. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2004 Scenery objects and autogen

    Howdy folks. I have a small, but a rather annoying issue:( I am working on a scenery project. The two big thing I have worked on in my scenery project, is keeping the polygon count down as much as possible and not killing the autogen around my airport. All was going fine. I used...
  9. PAA968 Kenny

    Tweaking AMS Files

    Howdy. I have quick question about AMS Tweaks. I created a ground poly with FS2002's G-Max and all is well with the ground poly. I wanted to run the ground poly through ModelConverterX to prevent autogen exclusions, but the ground poly flashes in FS2004. I know this can happen with...
  10. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2004 Light Effects

    Howdy all :) First, thanks Arno for the CAT program and the animated windsock, cool stuff :D As I was creating this hangar..... and thought a light effect on the front of the hangar would finish it off, but as I am still quite green with G-Max, I don't know how to create light effects yet...
  11. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA Making a Carrier Move?

    Hi. Are there any tutorials on how to make a carrier move in FSXA with a landable deck?
  12. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2002 Exporting FS9 models

    Hi folks. Can I use ModelConverterX to export a ground poly as a FS2004 mdl? I've tried, but I think I am missing the FS2004BGLComp and or the pathway for the FS2004 compiler. Thank you.
  13. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2004 GMax Carriers

    Hi. I'm have a problem with a scenery project. I created a carrier in gmax with a hard serface effect and placed it in FS2004. It all worked just fine, until I added a AFCAD to the scenery. After adding the AFCAD the scenery works fine until I exit from Flight Sim. Then I get this...
  14. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2004 transparency

    Hi. I am working on a scenery project. I've created this hangar below with semi transparent windows. I did this by creating a texture sheet for the widows and saved the texture as a dxt3 with an alpha channel. Looking through the hangar doors you can see the hangar doors at the other end...
  15. PAA968 Kenny

    CAT BGLC:Error

    Hi Arno. Arno, I downloaded and installed the CAT program. I have tried to compile my project "opening hangar doors", but when I trying to compile the project I get BGLC:Error.
  16. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA FS9 Aircraft

    Can ModelConverterX be used to convert a FS9 aircraft to FSX?
  17. PAA968 Kenny

    FSXA Runway Poly.

    Howdy All! Well I finally got my runway poly to show up and it's looking good, but how do I increase the distance that the runway lines can be seen?
  18. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2002 Object positioning

    Hi Guys! Is there away to set an object position in gmax i.e.. Latitude and Longitude??
  19. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2004 Ground Poly, No Show

    Hi Guys. This is my first try at creating a ground poly and it's not working out. I found this post on creating a runway I thought it would be a cool project, so I created the runway poly in FS2004's g-max and exported it. I then impoted the runway poly in to ModelConverterX, using the...
  20. PAA968 Kenny

    FS2002 GMax

    Hi Folks. I found this post on creating groundpolys. It looked pretty cool, so I clicked the link, it took me to the article by Bill Womack, on Creating High-Detail FS Ground Polygons. My question is, how can I get FS2002's gmax?