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  1. crushnik

    Starting open-source scenery community

    If anyone is interested, Wild Weasel Simulations is starting an open-source scenery community so we can put our scenery design heads together to improve certain aspects of the flight simulation experience. My intent is to have both payware and freeware products, but I would like for public areas...
  2. crushnik

    On fraction bits

    After creating 10-meter terrain mesh for several states in the U.S., I have finally come across what appears to be a terracing effect. Not a very good example, but you can see below what looks like graph paper laid over the mountain. My source data is USGS 1/3 arc-second, 1-degree lat/long...
  3. crushnik

    Blending airports into custom terrain

    I am a few weeks into creating 10-meter mesh scenery for the United States (free and available at the link in my signature) and before I get too much further into the massive project, I would like to see if there is a way to get rid of the massive grade differences between the new scenery and...
  4. crushnik

    USGS website not working

    Does anyone know what is wrong with the USGS National Map website ( or how long until it is back up again? I tried checking Earth Explorer and it is also down.
  5. crushnik

    Ortho has ruined my scenery

    Once I had P3D looking good with high-resolution terrain mesh, accurate water and road vectors, millions of buildings, and even vegetation shapefiles, I made the mistake of adding golf courses and quarries from ortho scenery. Now everything else looks ridiculous. I wonder if there is a more...
  6. crushnik

    Massive water class creation

    I am creating nationwide vector data for United States waterbodies from USGS NHD Plus data, and I'd love to find out what the most efficient way of importing all this data into flight simulator (FSX/P3D) and assigning appropriate water class definitions would be. So far, I have stripped out...
  7. crushnik

    USGS Tile Servers for SBX?

    I see where you can add tile servers to SBuilderX for ortho imagery, but I can't figure out how/where to do it. Google tiles are great, but I would prefer public domain imagery if at all possible so I can add golf courses to my scenery. It appears that the USGS server has the required specs to...
  8. crushnik

    Convert National Land Cover data to Landclass

    I thought that instead of doing woodland and wetland polygon scenery for 50 states, I might be better off using the 2016 Land Cover data from MRLC ( Instead of the vectors and shapefiles I am used to working with, it is a raster image...
  9. crushnik

    Using GIS data to make smooth, accurate roads

    Is it possible to use USGS transportation vector data to change the jagged roads for P3D/FSX to smooth curves that look more realistic and flow better with high-definition mesh scenery? Or at least be able to flatten the road vector on the width axis so you don't have something that resembles a...
  10. crushnik

    Creating free 1/3 arc-second mesh for US and need some guidance

    I am trying to create 1/3 arc-second terrain mesh for the United States and have spent the last couple weeks spinning my wheels trying to get started. I've searched this site and all across the Internet so I am sorry if my questions are answered here or elsewhere. I can download the SRTM data...