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    How do I find which xml file is causing this problem? : [08:32:43.720] WARN SODE.FSLOOP : !!! Whoops, something's wrong (SimBubble Filter, Normal Objects)! No unique Model determined to display! [WEA #5]
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    Peculiar conversion - RESOLVED

    Arno, I have an FS9 (Scasm) file which displays correctly in FSX but not in P3D V4.5. After converting it to FSX format using modelconverterx_latest_development_release_13 (and converting the textures to .dds), It displays correctly in P3D but not in FSX :yikes: If you pm me your email...
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    FSX Hardened platform?

    Could some kind person please explain in baby steps how to add a hardened platform to a sceney model?
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    Condition variables

    I see this pop-up when loading a bgl: Hivering the mouse over "33B" doe not display anything. What am I doing wrong?
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    The latest development version no longer seems to allow drag and drop o_O
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    Detailed footprints?

    Is there any way to regenerate detailed footprints when a library has been updated?
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    Tool for scanning cockpits.

    As used by Asobo:
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    Latest version of MCX - RESOLVED

    I think I attempted to run MCX while a new version was being uploaded. It now doen't run, event viewer shows: Faulting application name: ModelConverterX.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5d976122 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.17763.771, time stamp: 0x4eb60cdf Exception...
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    Version 1.71.6177 BETA) cannot set halo

    For some reason, the "Display Options" no longer works. Is there some setting in an ini or dat file I can set?
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    When is asphalt not asphalt?

    I have asphalt taxiways and aprons each with different colours on the ADE grid :confused:
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    Visualise ADE GPs?

    Is there any way to import (visualise) compiled GP bgls? I can disassemble it to sca but that is as far as I can get.
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    Transparent texture in P3D V4

    I have an FS9 model with a large area of transparent texture. If I convert it to an FSX or P3D model, it displays fine in FSX but appears black in P3D (and MCX). How do I make it transparent in P3D V4?
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    I have 14 placements, all exactly the same (apart from the positions). They all display correctly in P3D V4. However, SODE gives the following errors for 12 of them: [09:28:51.304] DEBUG SODE.FSLOOP : Legacy Offset altitude bug code section...not active anymore! pAlt=0.000000 ...
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    Multiple xml placement files.

    I have multiple xml files to place objects in the vicinity of airfields. (The airfiields are more than 30Km from each other). Each of the files are read by SODE on the initialising of P3D. Would it be possible to concatenate all files so that only one file is read? I tried concatenating the...
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    How do I (within a program) ...

    ... determine whether a bgl has been compiled using the P3D-V4 BglComp rather than the FSXA BglComp?
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    Failed to load file [Resolved]

    I have one particular placement file which SODE refuses to load (others with exactly the same format work correctly). <SODE> <!-- Data Probe serving its clients --> <SimObject Name="EGFH"> <Placement Lat="51.60570" Lon="-4.06896" Alt="91.140 Hdg="0.0"/> <Model...
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    Missing effects folder

    I do have an effects.cfg, but that shouldn't matter: [Entry.0] Title=Default Effects Path=Effects Required=True Active=True [Entry.1] Title=FSX Effects Path=G:\FSX\Effects Required=True Active=True
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    FSX Airport Background - Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude Autogen ...

    ... doesn't mask the landclass: I don't normally use default textures, I use photo scenery. But, Australia is a large area for which to create photo textures :duck:
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    SODE on XP

    SODE does not install correctly. Installing. Detection log: Trying to detect 'FSX' Hive: HKLM Registry Path 64: SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Registry Path 32: SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0 Key name: SetupPath Trying...
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    FSXA Comms?

    My afd includes: <Com frequency="118.2750" type="FSS" name="WINDSHEIM"/> But, ATC reports on 122.9 :eek: