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  1. DatPlaneGuy

    Ground poly appears black

    Hey everyone, Currently doing some modelling work after a long break, I've created a ground poly in 3DS max. When applying textures to the object (.bmp files 24 bit) they appeared black until I added a UV Map modifier over it (never happened to me before). I then exported it as a .x file and...
  2. DatPlaneGuy

    3ds Max Speed Modelling Videos

    Hey everyone, I've been working on modelling some aircraft. So far I've made a Boeing 777-300(ER), 787-9 (not uploaded yet) and the Concorde. Enjoy :)
  3. DatPlaneGuy

    Background Image is not an image file

    I'm currently trying to import an image into ADE to use as the background guide for my airport. However when I open the image I get the following error: This file C:\file location\YBSU.jpg is not an image file. Please check the file details and try again I have tried resaving the image on...
  4. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Airport not lining up in sim

    Hi everyone, I am working on Santo Pekoa (NVSS) and have just tried to import my ADE file into FSX. I was able to compile it fine and add it into my scenery library however in sim it's a different scale and location. The coordinates I have used in ADE for my background image are the same...
  5. DatPlaneGuy

    Resample Issue

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create my BGL using resample but it's not working, I put run my .inf file through resample and a command prompt window appears on my screen for a split second but disappears and nothing happens. My three sources are day texture, night texture and blend mask in that...
  6. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker

    I've always wanted to model a KC-135 and since I just got the VRS Superbug I would like to be able to have my own aircraft to refuel from. I have only modeled one side and just mirrored everything. A long way to go for this model. Feedback is appreciated.
  7. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Perth International Airport YPPH

    Whilst I am still continuing on Sunshine Coast Airport. I have decided to start a new project. This project is Perth International Airport. Perth is located on the west coast of Australia and has a population of 1.7 million. I am in very very early stages of ground poly and have not started any...
  8. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Sunshine Coast Airport- YBSU

    After much trial and error in attempting to make a scenery, I have finally got programs working and have made some progress. I will be creating Sunshine Coast Airport (YBSU) which is located in Queensland just north of Brisbane (my home city). I have started ground poly work using Tic's tutorial...
  9. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Boeing 737-300/300F

    My first time using 3ds Max so I decided to make a 737. I spent this weekend working on the exterior and have a little done on the interior. This will be freeware with 2D panel and VC. Both images are straight from 3ds Max with poly count. I am now working on properly modeling the engine...
  10. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX Cockpit modelling question.

    Hi everyone, I am starting to make freeware 737-300 for FSX, I am about to start modelling the cockpit but have a few questions. First of all when creating the cockpit should my units be 1 unit=1 Meter in 3ds Max? Second question, how I create switches which move, I understand how to model but...
  11. DatPlaneGuy

    FSX 3DS Max Unit Setup and Background Image.

    Hi guys, I am starting to make some scenery finally and I am having some issues with getting set up. I have the correct SDK for 3DS Max and that works however I don't know what units to have it set up as. I currently have it as 1 unit= 1 meter. Secondly when adding a background image (using...
  12. DatPlaneGuy

    Setup up 3DS Max

    Hi guys, I am very new to scenery design and I have got myself 3DS Max 2015. How do I set up the plugins for 3DS Max, I am aware that there is a folder under D:\Programmi\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\3DSM9\Plugins but that is 3DS Max 2009 I...