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    Alpha Channel for textures

    Guys, I need some help! :scratchch I have been scowering all articles I can possibly find, including yours Arno. I have yet to get past the stage were the alpha channel has the outline of the texture and it get filled with white color. I can't get the paint bucket tool to fill in the out the...
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    Does anyone have a tutorial on creating night textures?

    :wave: Hey Guys and Gals, If anyone has knowledge of a tutorial for painting night textures, could you please post a msg as to such. Thanks in advance, JoeMc (CaptCargo :banghead: )
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    Aerial Photo Sources

    Hi Everyone, :wave: Does anyone know of some cites with aerial photos of airports suitable for creating scenery files with terra builder or similar programs that are cheap or free? Joe Mc (CaptCargo) ;)
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    How can I get an exclude to work on a scenery object?

    For anyone who can help me with this troubling problem, I and all who run across this problem, will be in debted forever. The problem is excluding light poles and telephone poles. I can exclude the heck outta everything with either xml or other type of excludes but I can't get rid of these...