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  1. Matteo07

    FSX Texture aircraft missed

    Hi everyone, I downloaded a plane but tetures not appear. Someone can help me? Thank you Matteo
  2. Matteo07

    FSX Road Traffic wrong

    Hi everyone, I'm making a scenery with photoreal. When I went to look if all was ok I saw that the default road traffic of FSX isn't correct. Someone kwons how to fix this problem. Merry Christmas and Happy new year Matteo
  3. Matteo07

    FSX terrain under photoreal problem

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a photoreal scenery with SBuilderX v.313, but there are some problems. The first is that under my photoreal there is the FSX default island. The second is that I added polygons to do some montains in this island but this doesn't work well. You can see there that I...
  4. Matteo07

    Runway landing

    Hi everyone, I set in my airport for landing RWY07 and for takeoff RWY25. Independently from this planes land in RWY25 and takeoff in the same runway. How can I fix it? Ps. RWY07 have the ILS while RWY25 has nothing Thank you
  5. Matteo07

    Animated vehicle

    Hi everyone, I tried to create vehicle traffic with Gmax but it doesn't work. Someone have an another solution for this problem? My airport is for FSX and the vehicles that I would like to add are made with SketchUp. Thank you
  6. Matteo07

    FSX LIPH - Treviso Airport

    Hi everyone, I'm building Treviso Airport that is located in Italy, 30km north from Venice. This airport is better known as Venice/Treviso because this is the 2nd airport of Venice. Before Venice Tessera was built, Treviso hosted Alitalia, British Airways and other big companies. Now there are...