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    Mouse area for DDI button

    Hi all I'm trying to use a mouse area on a 2D popup gauge panel that will operate the same as the default DDI button. I've tried dozens of different "script" entries, but so far nothing works. Can any one advise. <MouseArea id="button_00"> <FloatPosition>75.000,8.000</FloatPosition>...
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    Can someone help to clarify. It would be very much appreciated. If I import an MDL. and it asks me in the variable box to enter a value for BGL_ZULU_HOUR, does that mean the hour that the imported model would be visible and displayed in FSX? Many thanks in advance Gary
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    Why does normal mapping increase the MDL size so dramatically

    Why does normal mapping increase the MDL size so dramatically? When I compile my model normally without normal maps (T_Bump maps) the finished MDL is about 2mb. BUT ... if I add normal mapping, the T_Bump maps, the finished MDL is almost 15mb !!! There's no increase in frame rates and...
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    Viewing VC model - FS2004 MDL

    Hi all Could someone help me to figure out how I get the VC model to load into MCX from FS2004 mdl's. I've tried different things and cant get it to load the VC model. Any help greatly appreciated. Gary
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    Not in the dictionary?

    Error on trying to import FS9 Mdl: "the given key was not present in the dictionary" The pop up box allows to continue, but it doesnt open. No indication of the "given key" can be found to identify. Any ideas on what the error is? Thanks Gary
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    Stack Empty

    Can anyone advise what a stack empty error is? Gary
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    Hi Arno Unable to open the webpage to the Changelog again or download the latest development release. Wondering if you were aware. Thanks Gary
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    Discussion thread for RADItor. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Morning Arno Just wanted to point out the links for the developement release and the Changelog pages are not working again. Thanks and best wishes Gary EDIT: Working now ... Thankyou
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    Improper File Format

    Hi Arno I am thoroughly enjoying your ModelconverterX program and visit regularily for any updates. It really is an incredible tool with many uses. Thankyou. Currently I'm trying to use it to convert my FSDS projects into GMAX by converting MDL's to 3DS and importing ito Gmax I keep all...
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    Horn sounds - No animation

    I'm trying to create a button that when pressed down will sound a horn. I've got the below entered into the modeldef.xml files and in the sim I get the hand cursor appear over the button and when I click the button the horn sounds. I'm using the GEAR_TOGGLE eventid and have changed the gear...
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    IFVAR commands

    Hi Arno I think this was discussed before, but wondering if the SCASM IFVAR commands that are currently unsupported will be fixed in future builds. Those include VFileMarker, IfVarAnd & IfVSize. These are older commands and I believe they're not supported by FSX, but I think they'll need to...
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    BGLComp Import

    Hi Arno The new reader for BGLComp bgl files sounds awesome, but I've tried it on both FS9 and FSX .bgl's compiled with BGLComp and it reports as follows: "No objects found in file". Wondering if I'm missing an import step Best Gary ModelConverterX * Added reader for BGLComp BGL...
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    First run

    Hi Arno Not sure how you would like us to report back on findings. I was thinking I could cut and paste from the event.log First run ... All is good. Compiles well. Some objects are upside down and in the wrong location. Event.log sates an Unsupported command "IfVarAnd" Best Gary...