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  1. wardorichie

    Ice Simulation on Wings

  2. wardorichie

    Breaks wont work in grass

  3. wardorichie

    Prop0 blurred visibility

  4. wardorichie

    Propeller Efficiency vs Advance Ratio and Blade Pitch

    Hello FSD community, Can any one point me in right direction: I am flying a c172sp Im studying how to increase my my Airspeed at a lower RPM while maintaining my Airspeed at the higher RPM. Example: at 2500 RPM my KIAS is 100, while at 1500 RPM my KIAS is at 60 and my V.A.S is -300...
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    ADE....Perpendicular Parking T's

    Good Morning FSD Community! Easy question, I cant find any instructions in any manuals or in the Forums. No matter how perpendicular my parking T's are in ADE, in the simulator, they are all crooked. Can anyone please share any advise, how I can make my parking Uniform and straight...
  6. wardorichie

    Globally Exceptions when opening SBuilder X

    Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow, I say Yes, I want to continue Object reference not set to an instance of an object, Yes, I want to continue Another Arithmetic operation overflow exception pops up, Yes, I want to continue. SbuilderX has stopped working dialog pops up, then...
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    SbuilderX313 and Prepar3d

    Will Sbuilder work with Prepar3d? Thank you FSD community
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    Apron Striping, to parking, web

    As I model out my Apron Stripes, I want one taxi stripe, which curves into multiple aircraft parking t's. My desire is to have 1 curve into each spot, instead as my main taxi stripe continues past multiple parking T's, the stripe "webs" out. I only want 1 curve into each spot....not a web...
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    Satellite Images, BGLs are showing up RED

    Help, someone please. My .tifs are high resolution images, which are perfect. I am running them through the resampler.exe without errors, the resampler compiles my .tifs into .bgls. As soon as I load them into p3d, I go to my airport, it looks like a scene from Amityville Horror. Thank...
  10. wardorichie

    Taxi Signs, Double Sided

    Instructions in Scruffy Duff, user manual is very clear, thank you! All of my signs are in my scene, looking great. My question, is there a new version, or am I missing a step to make my signs doouble sided. The problem I am having is my signs that need two sides, I simply make 2 signs...
  11. wardorichie

    ADE Parking Tees

    I am inserting Parking Tees for single engine fix wing aircraft. In Prepar3d, I just want a simple parking T with the texture. I do not want the center line to the apron link to be visible. I cannot find the correct setting to make this possible, in ADE. Can anyone please guide me to...
  12. wardorichie

    GP Textures

    FS Community, In ADE, I have several unique Ground Poly Textures: Aprons which have dark and light pavement, some cracks, some new I have have Light Concrete and Dark Concrete. Does ADE have the ability yet to allow us to import our custom texture, created in Photoshop?? Can we edit the...
  13. wardorichie

    Link to GP Library

    This forum talks about linking the new library, I cannot find this link anywhere.....can anyone enlighten me? Thank you very much! Rich
  14. wardorichie

    PropBlurr Texture help

    I have a .bmp of a blurred prop disk, that I have copied out of the Diamond 42 model, image folder from fsx. I apply this as my diffuse texture in 3ds max, using flightsimx material editor. In 3ds max, the diffuse map is awsome, with alpha channel. I then export to .x then use xtomdl. I...
  15. wardorichie

    Export 3ds Max to .x

    I am having one heck of a time attempting to export a single animated propeller out of 3ds max 2012. I have applied all the materials as instructed, the materials are Flight Sim materials with Alpha channel. I have utilized Animation manager to link the action, then in attach point, selected...