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  1. rhumbaflappy

    FS2004 SBuilder won't work after installed

    ...and how did you fix it?
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    FS2004 SBuilder won't work after installed

    I don't have FS9 installed but I can help a bit. First, I moved your thread to the correct forum. Next, I think I can clarify your actual problem: SBuilder is actually working but cannot establish a connection with FSUIPC. Does the FS9 FSUIPC work with any other program? Is it the right FSUIPC...
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    I am getting old...

  4. rhumbaflappy

    I am getting old...

    Who knows what type of frankensim Dos Equis will be as far as gauges, or any other type of mod. The future is murky here. Thanks for your efforts Dai!
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    -Everything you know about upcoming Flight Sim from Microsoft-

    I'll assume the Lionheart was intentionally a teaser from Microsoft. It may refer to a native MSFS aircraft, or the importation of an FSX aircraft? Either way, if our dear friend is involved, then he would be under an NDA, and it isn't fair to pressure him for an answer. So let's wait and see.
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    Some posts were deleted here. This isn't a forum for personal disputes.No warnings given, or bans... yet.
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    USGS website not working

    It's not working for me either. You cannot select a data set. It's Sunday. Probably no one monitoring the website.
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    P3D v5 HGX ... not filled in!

    It works with the FSX tools. I don't have P3D v5 shp2vec.
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    P3D v5 Thread prefix test

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    FS2004 Slartibarfast and color values of the bitmaps

    Slartibartfast example: Extract to desktop, open the folder, double-click BGS_2107.bat Note that the source image is slightly bigger than the desired output. That eliminates edge discrepancies. The INF trims the output. The produced 2107.bat will produce the actual BGLs when...
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    I am lost

    The active Senery.cfg is in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX as far as I know. Happy you're back in the sim. Soon MSFS (Dos Equis) will change everything we know...
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    "FSUIPC 4.975 [for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D 1.4-3.4] [32-bit]"
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    USGS Tile Servers for SBX?

    It's most likely inside P3D. If you look at the default tiles of P3D, you'll get a clue as to the needed brightness, contrast, and saturation. It was the same with FSX.
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    You can use this link to get the full It's a zip file that has a folder containing what you need to get started. It is 64-bit, so it doesn't run on a 32-bit system. It doesn't get installed, just unzip to the location of choice and go. You may need to look at the SBuilderX.exe...
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    USGS Tile Servers for SBX?

    Here's a dll for USGS Imagery, but it only displays to zoom of 15 (15 in SBX, 16 in ARCGIS).
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    SBUILDERX 315 - Anyone using something

    Exactly what doesn't work with SBX15?
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    Massive water class creation
  18. rhumbaflappy

    Weird textures on ground and sky

    That takes me back to 1969. :yikes:
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    USGS Tile Servers for SBX?

    Tiles are like this:
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    P3D v4 Resolved: Resample.exe "Pixel width and height must be greater than zero"

    Ouch. That's a real problem between the calculator results and the text editor.