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    FSX FSDS light map not working?

    I followed the default FSDS 3.5 light map tutorial. Checked "Light map with alpha" on the daytime texture. Created the texture with the same name as the daytime texture and added _L, created an alpha with black and white parts distinguishing landing light vs panel light lit areas. And the lights...
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    FSDS MLG tire rolling problem

    Hi In FSDS before animation the axis rotation needs to be reset. And with the gear retracted being the 0 keyframe, animating the rolling motion of the wheel seems impossible I've I've tried the whole day to get it right without avail. The problem is the gear is not retracted 90 degrees from...
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    FSX Reflection Mismatch after separating fuselage into 3 sections

    Hi All Is there any way to fix the mismatched reflections (and perhaps mismatched shading too) on a tube (fuselage) after separating them into sections? I never even transformed them in any way (no rotation, translate, etc), but somehow the reflections don't match any more. Using FSDS 3.5...
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    FSX model overstressed on ground (air and cfg from Airwrench)

    Hi guys I'm building an FDE (from AirWrench) and I'm almost finished. One of the problems I have left is that I have to turn off crash detection since the plane overstresses as soon as it loads. I put in the G force limit in the "Spec" page as 5.0 and it lets me save that, however whenever I...
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    FSX FSDS: how to animate flaperons or spolierons

    Hi everyone! First post here. A simple question of how to assign a part multiple animations, such as the outboard spoliers on an airliner, which responds to both alieron inputs and speed brake, in FSDS 3.5. Follow up question: After cutting out and animating a control surface, the side of it...