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    FSXA How to make waterpoly have flowing effects?

    Hi, I'm now having a waterpoly data complied to Legacy_LandWaterMask_Water_NoFlatten and it successfully works.However,I find that where it defined the water just shows a general water,it does not have a flowing water effect.So,on some steep spots,the water is not showed naturally at all.This...
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    FSXA How to Find ICAO code in a BGL file ?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking about finding the icao code in a BGL file of a airport.If the filename is including a ICAO code like "ZBAA_ADEX_ADE.bgl" ,the ICAO code of the BGL is easy to find.But some file like "lightobj.bgl" is hard to be identified.The usual method is to open the BGL with AFX...