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    A: variable for fuel pumps 1-4

    Hello guys, I'm currently trying to make a simple fuel cross feed schematic, showing what valves are open or closed and direction of fuel flow. That part is now done. I decided i would add a fuel pump symbol, with a small green L.E.D to illuminate when the pump(s) is on. I have built many 2d...
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    Please help me.

    Please delete.
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    MDL files into FSX

    Hi all, I have made a water ramp for FSX, but i wanted to have a trigger for the ramp (nav1 frequency) I have done alot of reading and asked many questions in so many area's - leading me to CAT, the conditional animation tool. Therefore i had to change the animation from Ambient to Tick18...
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    Making a hard surface

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, but long time reader. I have searched the forum but i am unable to find what im looking for. the tutorials i have been following doesnt work for me. I am making a water ramp / lift useing FSDS :- More info ...