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    FSX Clouds

    Hi guys, gives a way to read out the cloud density or detect a thunderstorm in xml? greez Mijo
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    FSX RPM needle problem

    Hey guys, i have problem with my rpm needle. i`ve two different codes but the needle doesn`t go. code 1: <PartInfo> <Name>rotor_rpm_rpm</Name> <AnimLength>120</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Sim> <Variable>ROTOR RPM PCT:1</Variable>...
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    FS2004 Animation with CAT

    Hi Guys, i wanted to test whether I can still implement an animation. Result: i can't The animation works once when load the fs. when i set the frequency it doesn't work. I have tested with FSDS 3 and FSDS 3.51. Where ist the mistake? Mijo
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    FS2004 Lights

    Hi Guys The wiki describes how to create a blinking light and with frequency-activated light. it is possible to combine both? Mijo
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    FS2004 Animation Triger

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    Rotated Part

    Hi Guys, i have a rotated part with keframes 0-100 (see picture). I wish that this part is not at "0" when it is loaded. It should begin with "50". how i must write the code. the part must start in the middle at "50" and rotate left or right with the mouse wheel. code modeldef...
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    FS2004 VC Lighting

    Hi guys, i have a panel for my gauges with a $-texture. i have also a texture with $_L. my problem is, the panel is complete visible at night when the lights on. where is my issue night without lights night with lights Mijo
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    3-way switch

    is it possible to create a switch with 3 ways and beginn at the middle position? the "XX" in the graphic are the keyframes. if is possible, how must i write the code <PartInfo> <Name>Switch_test</Name> <AnimLength>100</AnimLength> <Animation>...
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    FSX Lock stick

    Hi guys, my little project is a lock for a stick. if the lock is 1, then the stick don`t move. my problem is the stick moves allways. is if with an A-variable allowed? if yes, what is wrong? <PartInfo> <Name>lever_stick_l_r_block</Name>...
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    FSX Compile issue

    Hi guys, i´ve tried compile a native fsx model. i must reinstall my system for each days. before i reinstall, i can compile a mdl without problems. and now? nothing. fsds 3.51 write a x file but no mdl. no scenery mdl, no aircraft mdl. path to xtomdl, modeldef and so on are correct...
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    General eng elapsed time

    gives it the possibility to reset the "A:GENERAL ENG ELAPSED TIME:1, hours" with a xml gauge? if not, how can I realize this? Mijo
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    FSX simple gps

    hi guys I'd like to make a simple GPS display for the gps position in xml. my idea was: <Element> <Position X="10" Y="495"/> <Text X="256" Y="17" Length="45" Fixed="No" Attributes="Bold" Font="Arial" Adjust="Left" VerticalAdjust="Bottom" Color="#000000" Bright="Yes"...
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    Blinking Image

    hi, how can i make a blinking image for 5 times in a xml gauge?
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    FSX cahnge bmp

    hi, how can i change a bitmap on a 2d-gauge in xml? e.g. every 30 seconds change the bitmap.
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    FSX problem with mats

    hi, i have a big problem. this picture shows an ec135. the problem is the cabin. the cabin is to bright. but all other parts e.g. the tailboom have the same materials. i compile with x2mdl and fsdsxtweak. i hope anyone can help me
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    FSX Transponder Switches

    Hi Guys, i`ve found tronsponder-codes via searchh function. can i build two scripts on one switch these two codes as one code for zhe first switch <PartInfo> <Name>T38_Xpdr_1000s</Name> <AnimLength>10</AnimLength> <Animation> <Parameter> <Code>...
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    FSXA No light beam

    i have a problem with all effect in fsx. i build a helicopter with an optional search light (sx-16). i have include an effect via attachpt in fsds. the problem that all effects show as balls. But none of them has a beam. what i do wrong? nice greets
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    FSX Who can make an effect?

    I have a little problem in fsx. for fs9 give it an beacon-effect likes a led. in fsx is this blinking. also not for me. i`ve tried to change this with fx-editor. no chance for me. who can make me this effect for me. i have a a video for an example. this is an ec135 from ministry of the...
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    FSX custom Animation not working

    hi, I have two things, i want to animate. A searchlight and a FLIR camera. both are to work independently. animation to be controlled via a 2d gauge. Both parts are to be rotated up and down and from left to right. I`ve tried many things. I have no idea more. neither for the parts and even in...
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    FSX comm knob prob

    hi guys, i build a 3d knob to chance the comm frequencies. all what i do, not happens. give it a standard code for this knob?