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    Outerra 2019

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    Outerra 2019

    So, I know this is still off the beaten track, especially as the FS community still orbits Microsoft, but here are some interesting fun factoids. 1) Microprose is back, and in the sim business, and has announced at least two upcoming simulation titles, of which one is definitely a flightsim...
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    New Steam-Beta Update Released for Aerofly FS2 (PC)

    Ipacs released a new beta update as well as a new update for mobile, adding numerous bug fixes and some new features for the A320, B777 and B747. Please note that not all items were...
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    France VFR Announces Paris - Ile-de-France for AFS2 soon available
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    B777-300ER now released! New Steam Beta with many updates waiting for you :)

    From Ipacs Via Jet-pack (jan) Great news everyone! The Boeing B777-300ER is now available for the PC Version in the Steam Beta Channel! More...
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    White House Announcement: Release-worldwide-high-resolution-srtm-data-30m

    My bad, then. Just popped up on my feed, today for some reason
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    White House Announcement: Release-worldwide-high-resolution-srtm-data-30m

    Interesting. One wonders what other types of data might be released, and what effect that might have in particular for simulation/scenery developers.…-resultion-srtm-data-30m/
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    Freeware Tecnam 2008 For Aerofly FS2 PC Released

    The eagerly awaited Tecnam 2008 project by Sydel7912 Is now released! Happy Holidays!
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    Aerofly/Ipacs Announces Boeing 777-300ER Dear Aerofly Fans, We're happy to announce one of the many new projects we've been working on! For quite some time it has been the aircraft with the most powerful jet-engines in the world, only surpassed by it's...
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    Announcing Aerofly FS2 RC-ATC

    ATC for Aerofly FS2 announced: Demo Video:
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    Just Flight's fourth GA aircraft for Aerofly FS 2 is ready for take-off

    Just Flight's fourth GA aircraft for Aerofly FS 2 is ready for take-off! The highly detailed new PA-38 Tomahawk comes in ten HD paint schemes and boasts a comprehensive IFR-capable avionics fit in the virtual cockpit. Features include a custom-coded electrical system with functional circuit...
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    Aerofly FS2 PA-28R Turbo Arrow III / IV (JustFlight) Released

    Late heads up that its Out! Following on from the award-winning versions for Prepar3D and X-Plane, this highly detailed simulation of the PA-28R Turbo Arrow III and Arrow IV now comes to Aerofly FS2. The PA-28R Turbo Arrow III and Arrow IV are four seater, turbocharged piston-engine aircraft...
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    Taburet Produces 1st Scenery for Aerofly FS2: Canary Islands

    Yup, Taburet is enthused. The Canary Island scenery was redone and re-released within days, this time with 5mm mesh, cause he found that Aerofly (like the honey badger) didn't care! ;)
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    Taburet Produces 1st Scenery for Aerofly FS2: Canary Islands

    Well, Taburet seems on his way to falling in love with Aerofly.........
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    Aerofly FS2 Rolling Out Universal UNS-1 FMS

    Released Work in Progress! The Universal UNS-1 is a very common flight management system (FMS) which is can be found in the Bombardier Q400, Learjet 45 as well as the Boeing 737-500 (retrofit) in Aerofly FS 2 with only minor differences between them. The simulated devices can be used to change...
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    Taburet Produces 1st Scenery for Aerofly FS2: Canary Islands

    The first package we done for the new kid in the block. Photorealistic Textures resolution of 1.5 m with a 19 m mesh coverage and cultivation for the whole of the Canary islands according to the latest openstreetmap data. Either use your airport addon or head to for a wide choice...
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    Aerofly FS2 C152 freeware from Sylvain Delepierre 1.0.0 Hello dear Aerofly fans, I am aware that Just Flight will release a C152 soon and I'm sure it will be great. I have also been working on a C152 project for the last five month. It'...
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    Just Flight Duchess 76 for Aerofly FS 2 - Service Pack Hi everyone, Just a heads up for anyone who may have missed it that a service pack for the Duchess 76 is now available. Here's a change log covering what's included...
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    S-211 for Aerofly FS2 Update to v1.02

    SIAI Marchetti S-211 for Aerofly FS2 (Freeware) - UPDATE to version 1.05 A recent update to Aerofly FS2 broke the compatibility of the freeware SIAI-Marchetti S-211 model I released for free some time ago...