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  1. Horst18519

    P3Dv5 ground zbias numbers

    Has anybody come across this problem yet? Z-bias numbers below 26 (?) don't seem to work in P3Dv5. Despite the SDK claiming you can use zbias layers all the way up (or rather down) to -50, numbers of -30 already give me flickering ground textures. This seems to be a bug in P3Dv5. Would be...
  2. Horst18519

    MCX settings save location?

    Arno, is there a folder where MCX stores options and settings? I had to reinstall windows and now lost settings like the Earth Curve Editor dropdown list. Would be cool if I could recover that list. Thanks! :)
  3. Horst18519

    P3D v4 New Animation Manager in P3Dv4.4?

    I wonder if something changed in the Animation Manager in P3Dv4.4. Since I use the new SDK (and the new plugins for MAX) I run into problems exporting a spline IK animation. It worked fine before using these steps: - set up spline IK animation - animate bones and collapse keys - tag bones with...
  4. Horst18519

    P3D v4 3ds Max PBR Materials Opacity Map?

    Has anyone found a way of showing transparency in 3ds Max when using PBR materials? The new PBR material only has map slots for albedo, metallic, normal, emissive and detail - no slot for opacity. I thought maybe Max would finally use the PSD's alpha channel for transparency but that doesn't...
  5. Horst18519

    OutOfMemoryException with very complex models

    Arno, I think I ran into an MCX limit when trying to export an airport model that includes all my objects on the airport. I tried this to avoid drawcall issues between 3D lights and objects which always is tricky in FSX & P3D. I'll attach the log file so you can take a look at it. I use Windows...
  6. Horst18519

    AFD Approaches

    Anyone experienced with AFD / AFCAD Approaches? I'm looking for someone who's capable of creating new approaches after real-world charts. Best contact me via PM. Thanks!
  7. Horst18519

    Place points along line

    Since you said you're busy working on scenproc, Arno, I'd like to pick up a feature request from some time ago. When placing points along lines I find that points often end up very close to each other (if you have intersecting line features). Could you please include an option to remove...
  8. Horst18519

    MCX feature wishes

    I see you're still making MCX better and better, Arno. :) One thing I was missing for a long time was remembering/saving window positions. I see this is implemented now. Thanks! Is it also possible to recreate the last scene when opening MCX? I usually open several windows after I opened MCX...
  9. Horst18519

    One jetway, two parkings

    Is there a way of making a jetway work with different parkings? On one of my airports there are gates that either serve one big or two small aircraft. They're called Gate 1A, Gate 1, Gate 1B and have 2 jetways. Now it looks like I can either assign one jetway to each of the A/B gates or both to...
  10. Horst18519

    SODE and GSX

    Is there any secret in making jetways work with SODE and GSX? My jetways work just fine with SODE but they're not detected by GSX. I guess it's because xml and AFD definitions don't match. My xml looks like this: <Stand AfcadICAO="FIMP" AfcadGateName="PARKING" AfcadParkingNumber="15"...
  11. Horst18519

    P3D v4 Shadow errors on reflective surfaces

    I ran into a problem I never saw before - I'm not sure if this is completely related to P3Dv4 but it looks like. On a textured box using a specular map I get these weird shadow errors when getting very close to the object: It only happens if "simulation object shadow" cast & receive is...
  12. Horst18519

    AI Approach Altitude

    It's been some time since I last worked on AFD approaches. As far as I can see it is probably difficult to achieve what I'm looking for. The commercial AI aircraft for my current airport project are all coming in way too high and cross the threshold at >400ft AGL (GA are ok). I did not change...
  13. Horst18519

    Door assignments

    Is there any logic on how SODE assigns aircraft doors? I can't seem to find the right way to assign my 3 jetways to the 3 doors of the A380-800. I either end up with 1L, 1L Upper, 2L or 1L, 2L Upper, 1L Upper (depending on the sorting of the exits in the aircraft.cfg). I think the best way would...
  14. Horst18519

    FSXA [SOLVED] Jetways only work on some aircraft

    After spending a few hours trying to figure out what I did wrong with my SODE jetway I realized the jetway worked just fine - as long as I used the right aircraft. I can use multiple jetways on the default A321, but as soon as I switch to the default B744 the jetways are stuck in zero position...
  15. Horst18519

    Limited Bridge length?

    I wonder if there's a limitation to the length of the bridges? I played around with some jetways of my current scenery and found that my 2-element SODE jetways work just fine - but as soon as I scale one of the bridges to increase the reaching radius of the jetway I end up with a static jetway...
  16. Horst18519

    P3D v3 Ground Wizard not taking mgp values

    Hi Arno, I think there's a small bug in the recent development release: If I load an x file with the wizard and load a preset mgp file the wizard writes only default numbers (layer, lm,...) in the file if I select P3D v2 and convert. If you change those values manually they are written correctly.
  17. Horst18519

    Optimize points after "place along line"

    Arno, I'm once again in awe what scenproc can do! The PlacePointsAlongLine is so powerful it's fantastic. One thing I need to solve though is that if I place points along my streets I often end up with several points very close to each other because of all the intersecting and crossing roads. Is...
  18. Horst18519

    FSX Crash when unloading AI aircraft

    In a new project I'm experiencing unexpected FSX crashes when leaving the project area. I've created custom AI traffic with custom (and newly created) AFD airfields. Everything works perfectly well (I kept FSX running for hours to see if I get any crashes) - until the user aircraft flies away...
  19. Horst18519

    Agn merge tool: 2 small requests

    If I'm not mistaken the merge tool works as follows: - load all "Main" files - merge them with all "Other" files - save result in "Output" folder It looks like the tool only processes those files that are present in the "Main" folder. Usually you want to merge files with different content like...
  20. Horst18519

    Processing time for huge shape files

    I guess another of those only-Arno-knows questions. :teacher: I got some shape files here I want to process, but the "replace polygons" step takes forever to process. This is (a bit simplified) the file I'm using: IMPORTOGR|myfile.shp|*|*|NOREPROJ # SPLITGRID|AGN|* #...