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  1. manfred

    FSX Dooranimation

    Hi, has someone expirience with animated hangardoors in FSX? After the Acc.Pack (incl. SP2) is arrived, so is start my works for FSX. And as in FS9 before, i want to create also an animated hangardoor. In FS9 i use successfull the CAT Tool from Arno. But this tool don't work for now. I...
  2. manfred

    FSX Texture troubles

    Hi all, i hope, anyone has an idea and has a tip for my problem. I spend about 2weeks to solve this, but nothing works. Here you can a simple house in GMAX with the mapped textures: It looks always correct, but when i export this house and place it in FSX, it looks like this...
  3. manfred

    Instant Scenery

    Hi, first, happy easter. Today i've seen this new product at the Flight1 website Has anybody knowledge or infos about this tool? The difference, what i can see of the first view, of Ez-Scenery is, that this tool allow us to change the "scenery complexity setting". I think, it sounds good.
  4. manfred

    strange phenomenon

    Hi Guys, i hope everbody has an idea, what i have changed in my GMAX. Followed problem. I have attached a screenshot to show this. Normaly when i draw a box or cylinder in the top view, i can see the cylinder like the red cylinder, you'll see in the screenshot. But in this gmax file, gmax draw...
  5. manfred

    Need help for Hangardoors

    Hi friends, for the first. I've searched the forum, but i've nothing found for me. In GMAX i've create a door animation. It works well in the Sim. Here you can see a little video: Now i'll add a trigger with Arnos CAT Tool, but something a don't...
  6. manfred

    Problem with textureassignment - wrong texture in UNWRAP

    Hi all, since yesterday i've a strange phenomenon. I have create a Object and for this i'll use 3 texturefiles. Part 1 and 2 works fine. Here you can see "Part1": and "Part2" Ok, the results looks very good. You see two different texturefiles. Now, i'll map my "Part3"...
  7. manfred

    Searching for dimension of a gate

    Hi Guys, does anybody know, where i can find a blueprint or a table with dimension for a jetway (gate)? I've see the great Tutorial here, but i've not idea, how big is a jetway. @Arno If my post in the wrong forum, please can you move it?
  8. manfred

    Problem with Customize Quadmenu

    Hi Guys, i have little problems wiht my quadmenu colours. For me are the default colour from GMAX abhorrent and i change the colours. Then i save this changes and work with GMAX. After a restart GNAX all settings are lost. :( And i can't change to the default settings and i have no idea...