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  1. IronSim

    P3D v4 Kalymnos Island Airport - LGKY

    Hello there working on Kalymnos Airport - LGKY The scenery will cater (WIP) Custom ground polygon - PBR materials Custom mesh Custom Photoreal of the nearby island Autogen for the nearby city Volumetric Grass Custom Airport models - PBR materials Custom taxiway signs Planning to release it...
  2. IronSim

    ADE [SOLVED] Airport Flatten issue (P3D v5) + Default scenery objects showing.

    Hello there, I recompiled my Afcad file using ADE (With the p3d v5 update and latest ADE build) and it has messed up the elevation as in screenshot below. (it shows default afcad objects too) Moreover if i use the Afcad file from the p3d v4 version there is no elevation issue but a new problem...
  3. IronSim

    P3D v4 LGKP - Karpathos Island airport

    I have started work on Karpathos airport in Greece, Gpoly is custom (PBR Materials + PBR Rain). Will included Terminal building and buildings nearby + ATC Buildings Lightpoles with dynamic lights SODE Windsock Custom Photoreal (+ modified mesh ) Autogen (Dry grass , bushes) etc.
  4. IronSim

    P3D v4 Vadsø Airport [ENVD]

    Hi, I am currently working on Vadsoe airport in Norway. this is a small airport where wideroe operates regional flight this scenery will be a lite scenery (Not highly Detailed) and will be made for FSX , P3D (all versions).