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  1. hcornea

    MapMart and FSX

    If you mention your use when ordering from Mapmart, you can obtain imagery that you can use in FS scenery / derivative products. I know of others who have done this. Cheap? well, I guess it depends what you call cheap. By my estimate, this is not cheap. I am not sure if there is a local or...
  2. hcornea

    I hate Gmax!

    Windows shadow copies saved me a few times with corrupt files. A usb drive with backup enabled - quite useful. Glad you're back to square. Oh ... And that filenumber appending thing, but I'm sure you do that anyway.
  3. hcornea

    low poly cars

    The bigger issue is robably the 10 drawcalls. I would attemt to combine those textures if possible.
  4. hcornea

    P3Dv2 SDK and 3ds max 2010 x64 not launching

    Which aspect of the UI are you clinging to. Older legacy UI settings can be used in later versions of Max. Choose a version that has x64 plugins and use that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. hcornea


    It could just be that the money spent buying hardware to make a high-level hobby server might have been better spent getting a 3rd party with appropriate capacity to do it. Of course, the conspiracy idea is more entertaining. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. hcornea

    Alpha Channel Issues DX10 FSX

    Dx10 doesn't seem to support graded transparency out of the box. To be honest, IMO if people want to use DX10, they either fix it or live with its glitches. dX9 works fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. hcornea

    how to make textures look used

    +1 for weathering the top and side edges, or crack/peel or curling them slightly, depending on the sign type.
  8. hcornea

    Which Wacom tablet you recommend?

    I have an old 13" Wacom Cintiq interactive LCD display. Great, but I suspect there are newer capacitive touchscreens that would do as much for less money. I do like he interactive tablet though.
  9. hcornea

    empty space between AG tiles

    Image link seems to broken now.
  10. hcornea

    helps implore 3dmax to fsx

    You need to install the appropriate plugins. Which version of 3DSMax are you using? You have not stated which version. If you are using a version up to 2014 then use the Prepar3D exporters (part of the Prepar3D SDK) -- these will exort an x-file, which you can use with FSX Xtomdl.exe Setup...
  11. hcornea


    DX10 Preview mode is a display mode in FSX that uses DX10 to render, instead of the usual DirectX9. Check if it is on, and try turning it off. Black textures typically mena that the sim cannot find the texture. Make sure that it is in the correct corresponding directory to the library. Make...
  12. hcornea

    FSX Problems with exporting

    Views | Viewport Configuration Choose 'Statistics' Tab Check 'Show Statistics in Active View'
  13. hcornea

    FSX resample and .inf file question

    Desaturate the night image under your light retaining the light splash colours as required. It should be additive (as an example, the areas that are black in the night imagery do not display black in the sim. They are illuminated by ambient moonlight) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. hcornea

    FSX resample and .inf file question

    Is the night texture not simply additive over the relevant seasonal day texture? Why do you need two night textures? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. hcornea

    FSX Problems with exporting

    It is a standard feature on 3dsMax 2012 I can't imagine that it has been removed. I would re-stipulate my advice to any new user. Test-export before modelling is a good idea (if not a complete necessity!) Make sure the exporters exist. Make sure they work, and make sure they are installed...
  16. hcornea


    Are you using DX10 preview mode? FS9 objects are not directly compatible with this, so that could be an issue.
  17. hcornea

    Microsoft sells FS franchise?

    and 'students' .... From the website: An Academic License is provided at a discount for students ... but we digress.
  18. hcornea

    FS2004 Textures losing res after MdlConvertX

    If you are using FS9 and don't want to split them, you may as well reduce them to 1024x1024 in the final package, and reduce the wasted memory usage. Why? Because they will only display this MipMap anyway.
  19. hcornea

    Microsoft sells FS franchise?

    'In-app Purchase" seems to be the marketing model of the moment. You could almost guarantee that is the way things will go. Now, imagine if 3DSMax was sold that way. You could make boxes, but had to pay to unlock vertex editing, texturing etc. :eek: Jon could release ADE this way: you can...
  20. hcornea

    question to forum software

    It occurs to me that if the 'First Unread' post is not the first post, then you must have expressed at least some interest in the thread before!! Conversely, having to dig all the way through a thread you have already read to find the post you are up to would be very annoying. At least you...