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  1. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 Ground Polygon disappears at certain angles.

    I only have a flatten from ADE and thats it. Airport altitude is 421.33 and Ground Polygons were exported with MCX P3D 4.4 with the absolute altitude being 421.33. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  2. wideloadwhitford

    3DS Max Combine cut planes into one face.

    Hello I cut my edges for the side of the building and it resulted in my roof being cut as well. I would like to combine the roof into one single face now. Is that possible?
  3. wideloadwhitford

    3DS Max Renter to Texture

    I hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction. I am trying to bake an ambient occlusion into my texture however when I renter my scene the parts that are UVW and textured do not show up. What setting am I missing? Thnaks. Texurte
  4. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 3D Lights using Attachtool

    Hello I'm looking to find some resources on how to make a taxilight using the LOD method. I have my taxilight model I just need some help in attaching the light texture with LOD's onto my taxilight model. How would I go about doing this? Thanks. This was the 3D lights that I was looking to...
  5. wideloadwhitford

    MCX "Could not find linked animation"

    Arno, or to anyone who knows... Is there anyway to turn off this warning message? I'm working with a lot of planes (3d Grass) in 3dsmax and it takes a while to load from the exported .X file into MCX. Thanks!
  6. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 Transparency Issue

    Does anyone know the way to properly handle this situation? I would like my edges to follow my alpha channel, instead it's causing issues for the objects behind it.
  7. wideloadwhitford

    ADE Autogen Exclusion?

    Good morning. When I use the Airport Flatten from ADE to make my AFCAD and CVX file it seems to be excluding autogen as well. What is the proper method to not have the autogen excluded? As you can see in the photo below the autogen is being excluded when I tell ADE to only specifically...
  8. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 Puddle Reflections

    Am I doing something wrong? The puddle shows in MCX but not in the simulator itself. I tried with Dyn Reinfections on and off. I also tried with my custom cube map and the default one... same result. Just the base shows up and not the specular map. Has anything changed? I haven't made these...
  9. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 KPGD Punta Gorda

    Hello everyone I wanted to share some photos of my current project I'm working on for P3D. Project will include surrounding photo scenery with thousands of custom placed AGN made with Annotator. Please bear with me as I work on this in my spare time and do a little bit at a time. Please note...
  10. wideloadwhitford

    3DS Max Video Tutorial | Slicing plane in 3DS Max for Prepar3d

    Here is a video I made for help with slicing planes in 3ds max. If you have triangles or other earth curvature problems with your exported scenery then this may help.
  11. wideloadwhitford

    3DS Max Video Tutorial | Slicing plane in 3DS Max

    Here is a video I made for help with slicing planes in 3ds max. If you have triangles or other earth curvature problems with your exported scenery then this may help.
  12. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 MCX and the Ground Polygon Wizard

    Hey Arno, Does this method still work for Prepar3D V4. I seem to be getting some triangles and line breaks when I do it.
  13. wideloadwhitford

    3DS Max Slicing 100m in3dsMax

    Hi everyone. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to slice my plane in 3dsMax. I'm using ModelConverter X but it doesn't seem to compile right. Thanks.
  14. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v4 Ground Polygon Inquery

    Hello everyone! I was wondering what people are doing now when it comes to putting your ground polygon into 3DSMax. I have read the 2014 tutorial when it comes to using MCX to input the coordinates but my issue is I did not get my ground polygon from SBuilder. I paid for them on separate...
  15. wideloadwhitford

    Cloud Surf Team A380 miss use of MDX.

    Good read but very sickening. Asking for 20,000 Euros for a model he "edited" from Project Airbus.
  16. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v3 Some faces of model showing darker than the other.

    P3D has some amazing shader capability, however is this related to it or is a model issue? As you can see my model shows fine in MDX but when it reaches the sim it seems to slice up a bit and make these weird lines. I am using the Model export function and setting the export at P3D V3. Ryan
  17. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v3 Bump Map looks shiney.

    Hello all. Seeking advice as to why whenever I apply a Bump aka Normal Map my texture comes out shiny and resembling jelly beans. I put the specular map to Black and it still is extremely "Gel like" looking. Anyone run into this issue or maybe it's not an issue at all? Thanks, Ryan.
  18. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v3 Texture baking slight issue.

    Hello all! Using 3dsMax 2015 , Nvidia Mental Ray, Arc & Design Ambient Occlusion 50 samples. I sometimes get this issue here but don't know why its trying to simulate my texture onto the map. Anyone have any ideas? As you can see one side of my UVW map is showing correctly but the other isn't.
  19. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v3 Leonardo Maddog

    Has anyone been able to successfully manage to do a flight without the plane randomly crashing? Ryan
  20. wideloadwhitford

    P3D v3 P3D Window Transparency + Global Reflection (Cube Map)

    Good morning everyone. I'm thinking about modeling the interior of my terminal so as you pull into the gate you can see the inside of it. I've did an exhaustive search of the forum and various sites but cannot find a solution to what I need to put in the materials section. Has anyone been able...