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  1. Airtrooper

    Sources for Martin Baker (MB) drawings?

    Does anyone know of a source of general arrangement (GA) drawings for any Martin Baker ejection seat(s) please? Many thanks Andy
  2. Airtrooper

    FSX Old utility for viewing eye point/attach point etc live in game?

    Once upon a time there was a tool/utility/addon which would show you the location of the eye point/attach point etc etc live in game. It was originally for FSX. Can anyone remember what it was called? Where can I get hold of it now? Many thanks Andy
  3. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 Blender 2.8 (2.79b) & P3D 4.5

    Before I jump in the deep end... Can anyone confirm whether the latest Blender (2.79b, 2.8) models and textures can be successfully exported with the Prepar3D 4.5 SDK please? I want to use Blender's PBR texture painting with the latest P3D, but if its not working just yet I may rely on...
  4. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 Grass as autogen on airport backgrounds

    According to the P3D v4.2 release notes a new feature of the SDK is that "grass can be added as autogen on airport backgrounds". I was wondering if anyone associated with ADE had implemented such? If so, how is it done please?
  5. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 Grass as autogen on airport backgrounds

    According to the P3D v4.2 release notes a new feature of the SDK is that "grass can be added as autogen on airport backgrounds". Has anyone figured out how this is actually done yet? Andy
  6. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 New helicopter AI in v4.2

    Has anyone figured out how to add proper AI helicopters routes in Prepar3D v4.2 please? Simple instructions would be much appreciated (wading through the SDK at the moment)! Many thanks Andy
  7. Airtrooper

    "Iron Man" style windmill object?

    I could have sworn there was a default FSX/P3D object for one of these old-style "Iron Man" windmills, as used for water pumping... but I cannot find one?! Can anyone help by confirming whether such does exist (and its GUID etc), or whether I am indeed going mad?! Many thanks Andy
  8. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 SpeedTree autogen in v4?

    In Prepar3D v3 SpeedTree objects could only be added using SimDirector. I believe they can now be added as Autogen in v4? Can anyone confirm? If so, does anyone know how, as I'm doing my nut here! :( Oh, and BTW, does anyone know of a sensible alternative to the pesky old Autogen Annotator...
  9. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 Substitute for old FSX Object Placement Tool?

    What, if anything, did LM create in the SDK to replace the old Object Placement Tool of FSX?
  10. Airtrooper

    P3D v4 SpeedTree modeler

    I'm loving v4 of Prepar3D, not least because of the prevalence of 3D animated SpeedTree models. In testing my own scenery I can confirm that previously placed default trees now appear as SpeedTrees. This is great! However, I still fancy having a go at making my own vegetation, with a view to...
  11. Airtrooper

    Photoscenery blended at coast suppresses 3D waves

    I'm using some photoscenery blended into sea water at the coast. I have water set to Ultra and a high wind speed. Offshore I get big waves, but they abruptly stop at what appears to be the edge of the blended photoscenery. In other words the photoscenery appears to suppresses the 3D waves. Does...
  12. Airtrooper

    Controlling 2nd aircraft in P3D or FSX?

    Is it possible to control another aircraft when sitting in the VC? I'm imagining a scenario where the aircraft you're piloting is on autopilot and you take "remote" control of another, either using certain keystrokes mapped to its axes or a 2nd dedicated controller (e.g. joystick). If so, how?
  13. Airtrooper

    Creating Bathymetry (in v3.1)

    I'm trying to create some bathymetry for Prepar3D (currently v3.1), as I'm hoping the different water depth will add variety to the surface waves, which tend to repeat. I have some high resolution bathymetry with plenty of relief. I've compiled it with the v3.1 SDK resample in the conventional...
  14. Airtrooper

    v3 SDK: Instructions, SpeedTree and avatars?

    I now have v3 of P3D installed. I've just installed the v3 SDK. Where can I find the instructions/tutorials for this version? The two new things I want to get to grips with are avatars and SpeedTree objects. Has anyone made inroads into these with the SDK? Many thanks Andy
  15. Airtrooper

    What controls the looping of sound?

    What is it that controls whether a sound file (wav) is looped or not in the sim? Is it controlled by a variable in the sound.cfg or other editable code, or is it related to something within the compiled model? Is there a difference between FSX and Prepar3D v2.*?
  16. Airtrooper

    P3D v2 AI helicopter traffic... what would it take?

    Just here to shoot the breeze about something on my mind... I now fly exclusively in P3D2. I miss HeliTraffic 2009 (published by Flight1), which I can't get to work in the new sim. What would it take, and where would one start, to develop an addon for realistic helicopter AI (to be released...
  17. Airtrooper

    P3D v2 Orbx terrain object still showing texture above a ground poly on a flattened area

    I've posted this as Prepar3D v2.2. but I imagine it also applies to FSX and FSXA... Here is the situation: Orbx scenery installed (EU England) Developing an airfield using a flattened blended mesh (to avoid "cliff edges") Airfield uses ground polygons for textures (no orthophoto available)...
  18. Airtrooper

    Roads working, freeway traffic working, photoscenery working, but not together!

    I'm creating some photoscenery with AI freeway traffic running over it. IRL I'm a GIS professional, so I have a preference for using GeoTIFF and resample.exe and Shapefiles with shp2vex.exe In previous projects I've successfully had Freeway Traffic running over my photoscenery, but stopping at...
  19. Airtrooper

    P3D v2 Autogen Annotator produces buildings with incorrect orientations

    I'm using Autogen Annotator to place default buildings (Roofs Gabled Row 1 and Roofs Gabled Row 2) on photoscenery. I draw the longest edge first and then expand the polygon to give depth, as usual. I very carefully align the orientation of these buildings with the photoscenery. However, in the...
  20. Airtrooper

    P3D v2 Flashing caravans

    I've added some caravans (aka trailers) to some caravan/trailer parks in my Prepar3D v2.2 scenery. They are legacy FSX Acceleration library objects The object name is Gen_CampTrailer_01 The GUID is {931535B2-BBD9-409F-99C0-39634D4405F3} These object appear and disappear, i.e. flash, with...