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  1. hcornea

    Tapatalk API out of date.

    Hi Arno. Tapatalk lately has a nag screen stating that the API on fsdeveloper is out of date. It is a small thing, but a little annoying. Not sure if there is a newer compatible API.
  2. hcornea

    FSX 64 bit Max P3D Plugins [Be excited]

    This will excite many on here: (I'm looking at you Bill o. :D ) And they seem to work brilliantly
  3. hcornea

    Keeping Most Recent Co-ordinates Groundpolygon Wizard

    Perhaps I am overlooking something. Small Feature Request Would it be possible for the groundpolygon wizard to default to the last exported co-ordinates? I am one of those people that always has to fix something after export, so this would make re-exporting easier.
  4. hcornea

    VC Modelling in the Age of 3D printing

    It occurred to me recently, that with the crazily detailed dimension-correct 3D models that some of the guys make for VC's, it may be possible to branch out into affordable 'home cockpit' parts. The advent of 3D printing has overnight made plausible the conversion of these creations into the...
  5. hcornea

    Signatures within the Forum

    Would it be possible for forum signatures to be free of legal, religious or political messages on this forum? I realise that many forum users have strong beliefs. My personal belief is that there is a time and a place for such messages, and that this forum is about FS-developing.. I do not...
  6. hcornea

    FSX KML --> FSX Object Placement XML

    Has anyone created a tool to convert a kml file with numerous object coordinates into an FSX-ready placement XML file? As a non-programmer, it seems that it would not be too hard, given both formats are xml based, and both are in WGS84 Anyone had a go at this fairly obvious application...
  7. hcornea

    Unhandled Exception Error Current Dev Release 25.7.2012

    Unhandled Exception in Current Dev Release Hi Arno, I have just replaced the directory with my previous (quite old) Dev Relase with the current one. On attempting to start ModelconverterX, I get a circular Unhandled exception (the program keeps restarting, and so can't send the error to the...
  8. hcornea

    FSX A tool I would like to see

    I will put this forward as a request, thinly veiled as discussion. Perhaps someone who can program a computer (as opposed to using one, like me) can come forward with something. I find the process of exporting X files, compiling MDL files , adding to library and compiling that, then copying...
  9. hcornea

    FSX Opening X-files

    Think of this more as a suggestion than a "request" (I feel like a simp with all these requests for features) I notice that the drop down options for "importing" don't include X-files. I am guessing (given that the program can import mdl and bgl files) that this would not be all that...
  10. hcornea

    FSX Material Report for Library

    I think I suggested this a long time ago, but perhaps with the evolution of ModelconverterX it may be more feasible. To correctly batch, materials must be identical ... so across a library bgl, it would be a good idea to identify discrepancies between material settings (and correct them!) A...
  11. hcornea

    FSXA How Feasible would a FS9 to FSX AI Converter Be?

    Hi Arno, I've noted that there are extensive AI model packs available, which use FS9 models. These sometimes play poorly with FSX native materials (eg FS9 AI aircraft shadows and landing lights on FSX native groundpolys) ModelconverterX clearly can read the animations from aircraft...
  12. hcornea

    Working with FlightGear

    So Jon, can we expect Flightgear functionality in ADE any time soon? :D :eek:
  13. hcornea

    FSX Attached Objects Not showing from lib.bgl

    Latest Development release. Looking through a compiled library, I was trying to find the effect attached to one of the models (there are over 240 models in the bgl file) Having found the model, the attached effects (red-boxes) show as expected. The "attached objects" dialog is blank...
  14. hcornea

    FSX Emissive Mode Not Reading Properly from FSX mdl

    The default Emissive mode in FSX is AdditiveNightOnly ... which is what works for most scenery objects. This is what Gmax routinely defaults to. For some reason ModelconverterX reads AdditiveNightOnly as "Blend" (It staes that this is the default for FS2004 in the tooltips, but it is...
  15. hcornea

    uv2 and bump maps

    Hi Arno, Are tiled UV2 (detail) and Bump maps rendering in the newest Development release, or not (yet) ? (Or at least they don;t seem to render in my model preview) Using FSX format dds bump map, and greyscale dxt1 dds uv2 map.
  16. hcornea

    FSX Bundaberg -- YBUD

    Here are the pre-release shots that were made for my little project Bundaberg ... a lovely little town in Queensland, Australia. (recently severely flooded) This scenery has been released so the shots are commonly available ... Everything you see is custom made / annotated onto 15 and 60cm...
  17. hcornea

    3DS Max is incredibly Powerful ... I had no idea!

    I haven't found the button for this, but, from the EULA:
  18. hcornea

    Rendering Preview in ModelconverterX

    Hi Arno, More and more I find ModelconverterX useful for previewing models outside of FSX. I have no idea how difficult or otherwise the following might be: Currently the Alpha layer is previewed as transparent (regardless of material settings) .. eg sometimes it is used to modulate a...
  19. hcornea

    Attached Object Editor -- Unhandled Exception

    Hi Arno, I was editing the conditions associated with an attached effect. The effect has DAY=0; NIGHT =1 currently associated with the attachpoint ... There is also another effect with DAWN = 1; DUSK =1 When pressing "..." an unhandled exception error is returned. I was hoping...