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  1. Ready4Takeoff-Simulations

    Need a developer for OMAA

    Hello guys, While I informed me succesfully about the permission of doing Abu Dhabi I want to finish this scenery now. Fast but in a very good quality but I need help. I search a developer for my team who can create textures and buildings with 3dsMax/Blender and Photoshop. Are you interested ? :)
  2. Ready4Takeoff-Simulations

    FSX LSZH Zürich 2015

    Hey folks, In addition to Abu Dhabi I also would like to try an airport in Europe. My first target is to finish Abu Dhabi and than Zurich. I hope you like the first pic.
  3. Ready4Takeoff-Simulations

    FSX Ready4Takeoff-Simulations Frankfurt 2015

    Good morning from Germany, we are Ready4Takeoff Simulations, but I think you should know us. We had some problems in the last 3-4 months and now we are back. We will change our logo in a few days and we will also post screens taking in FSX. The project: Frankfurt 2015 We will do Frankfurt but...
  4. Ready4Takeoff-Simulations

    FSX Which airport ?

    We tryed something, which airport it is ? :)
  5. Ready4Takeoff-Simulations

    P3D v3 OMAA Fall 2016

    Hello, we are Ready4Takeoff Simulations and we are making Abu Dhabi for FSX. We hope you will like our work :) First: Second