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    Compiled mit v5 SDK will not be recognized by v4

    Hello, I used ADE v1.79.7417. I opened my old YSSY ADE with it. Compiled it with the v5 SDK (including an xml) also saved the Airport as an new file Prepar3dv4 didn't recognized the ADE (the default one was loaded) I opened the ProjectFile wit ADE v1.76 (v4 SDK) compiled it Prepar3dv4...
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    Adding ATIS frequency which is not included

    Hello, is it possible to add an ATIS Frequency which is not included in ADE? Olbia has 113.9 for ATIS Thanks Urmel
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    P3D v4 Approaches will not be recognized by ATC

    Hello, I added an RNAV and an ILS Approach to LGKR a while ago. Both approaches had been working when I created them. But now, a few months later, no one will work. ATC will not recognize them, I think I have done everything: moved the approach, recreated the ILS, ... nothing. Any idea Thanks Urmel
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    AI Turning Radius

    Hello, I've some problem with the turning radius in sharp turns with Prop Aircraft (like TFS Dash, OSP ATR or HTAI Cessna, ...) They won't turn really sharp (I tried to increase the front wheel turning radius, but this doesn't change anything) Jets are doing an 180 Turn after Pushback, the...
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    P3D v4 Sode and AI Traffic

    Hello, I'm fighting with SODE and AI Traffic. Some questions: When I have two jetways, both will dock on AI (of course with the correct exits in aircraft.cfg)? At the moment only one will dock. Why is here the jetway (Back) docking on the 747? and not the jetway Front (which is closer to...