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    Please help me fix this

    Cedar Key, FL Can someone please help align the airport with the photo scenery. Thanks a million. Jose
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    Adding ground photo.bgl to an airport

    I'd like to add some photo ground to several freeware airports. I'm using MSE and want to improve how the airports blend with the PS. I discovered Sbuilder and watched a video on how to use the image to line up objects at the airport with ADE, but not how to save the photo as a .bgl to add to...
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    How Can I fix AI not functioning at an airport

    I have an issue with a payware airport KPIE. AI doesn't request taxi for departure. What can cause this? I downloaded an optional AFCAD and that one does work. AI requests taxi for takeoff etc. but it doesn't blend well with the payware. I'd have to remove a bunch of bgls from the scenery...
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    P3D v4 Help adding Taxi 3D Lights

    I have T2G KMCO successfully working in P3D v4, but at dusk or at night the blue custom taxi lamps do not show. The lamps are there, but no blue light. There is a taxilight.dll and two texture .dds files. Is there an easy way to get the blue lights on the lamps on the taxi to show on the...
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    Airport Name & ATC

    In the past, I was able to successfully add "Hernando County" to my KBKV AFCAD so that ATC announced the name, but I forgot how I did it. The old AFCAD still works in P3D v4.4. ATC says Hernando County Tower so I know it works, but now have a new AFCAD and for the life of me I don't remember...
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    ATC & My Airport

    My main airport KBKV was an uncontrolled airport and now it has a control tower. I had no problem using your wonderful ADE to add the ground and tower frequency and exporting it as a BGL. I used Editvoicepack to create the Brooksville ATC. It works with default KBKV at 123.00, i.e. Broksville...
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    Fixing bleed through

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    Mip Mapping Textures

    Can someone shine the light on what does it mean to mip map a texture? I was wondering if this is a tweak to reduce shimmers. How can I do this too? Thanks. Jose
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    Tips on reducing shimmer and object flashing

    Please accept my apologies if this has been asked before. I want some tricks on reducing shimmer (the sparkling effect) and an object slightly flashing. What program do I need and how? Shimmering object like an antenna. Flashing object like a hangar.
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    Fixing an ATC command

    THANKS for the FREE version of ADE! I need help fixing an ATC command that say, maintain zero until established. It should say maintain 2000. I tried editing using approach mode and compiling, but I can't get it to work. Please keep in mind that I'm a beginner. Thank you so much for...