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    gmax textures

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    Arno need your brains

    hi arno, can you tell me how to set the transparency level to about 30 in gmax 2002.I want to put oil stains on the last layer but i don't want 100 opacity.I just want them to be aware not overwiting the under layer. stew haworth
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    animation fsx

    hi all, I have created moving hanger doors,they work great.How do you stop the loop so they work only once.Ihave done it in gmax fsx gamepack. stew
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    BGL no show in sim

    hi all, Just tried to make an object for fs9 in gmax fs2004.It exports ok Arno gave me the correct xml format.I get the mdl and the xml.Correct the co-ordinates,Compile the bgl, the size of the bgl matches the mdl,BUT it will not show up in fs9.Everything is set up in the is...
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    hi all, I just need some help with multiple objects in the xml file.Some help with the syntax to place multiple objects in one mxl, using the same object call but at different locations.The old area call seems not to work too well in fsx so trying to do them by xml from different mdls but the...
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    hi all, i have just updated to 3ds2009 but the sdk will not work.the paths are ok and i can open everything but when i try to use the sdk it is telling me it is not for this version.the sdk works fine with the max7.i have tried both setups but same result,it is not for this version.anyone...
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    hi all, i can not get rid of my grass runways or a piece of hard standing.i have tried every exclude tag.everything else has been removed but the runways with their numbers.the airport is 600k to north so eliminating it to make the airport further south is imperative.all roads,buildings have...
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    strange effect

    after creating a new object in gmax, map the texture correctly, i then find when i start fsx. a texture in the scenery of an object which i have previously textured has changed to the newly applied texture.this also happens when i merge a file,even though i rename the materials or the
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    lost fs tools in gmax

    i know this question has been answered but i have searched for the answere.M y fs tools menu will not show,i restart then after a 3 or 4 restarts it will show.fsx,! stewart haworth
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    help poly not showing

    hi all, for some strange reason the klm file is building correctly but will not show in fsx.when i use the xml to generate a new bgl it shows numerous errors.this has only recently started anyone any ideas? stew
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    night textures

    hi all again, ok got my day textures to work in fsx, now i must be doing something wrong AGAIN in gmax because i cannot get the night textures to show.Could someone explain how to apply the night texture with day texture.i seem to only be able to fit one or the other not for you here...
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    gmax duplicating

    hi all, just reinstalled gmax due to drive errors.when i start gmax in fsx gamepack mode i get duplicate errors and files failing to initialize.(dll gamepacks\fsx_gmaxgamepack\plugins\fsmodelexp.dle >failed to initialize)thi is a clean install so where the duplicat id's are coming from i dont...
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    xml file

    okay. i have created a model in gmax.i have created a mdl file with export but i don't have a xml file also i cannot use the lod tool.obxiously i am doing something wrong but what.could someone put me back on track please. stew
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    hi all, i'm here again with another question!how do you cut out a part of a polygon.i have extruded the polygon to create a lowered floor,i now want to cut the corners to place extended walkways from that box.tried boolean, cut and extrude could someone point me in the right direction.the...
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    saftey rails

    hi all, could any point me to a tool in gmax that can create the illusion of rails ie:around balconys on control towers or is it easier to use a poly and texture with a transparency.the last method seems to be backward thinking and if there is a better way i would like to try it. stew
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    gmax face texturing

    arno, help please! how in gmax do you texture single faces on your created objects i.e box.i can place a texture but it shows on all faces perfect fit but i can not find how to put different textures to different faces.loads of tutorials on materials but not one on bitmap placeing. stew
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    night textures in fsx

    hi jon,arno, I seem to be having problems with night textures in fsx.Is there a new way to display night textures instead of a second bitmap?I am talking about my own objects and textures not library objects.It does not use the lm system for bitmaps.It has probably been discussed but i have...
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    fscc2 as bad as gmax

    ive tried using gmax and fscc bu they are so fussy wont let you do multi point objects.i use a commercial cad type programme.the best object designer for free ware that i have used is eod easy object designer so simple.has any one used fscc in fs9 yet no bgl import no scasm import only mdls...
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    xp and fsds2 loading

    i cannot get fsds2 to load on my computer win xp sp2 installed no luck. tried compatability win98 mode still comes up with windows not compatable with dos based programmes. any one got an idea how to load it. stewart