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    Hires phototerrain and afcad

    Hello dear friends! I need your help. I make a photoscenery for my port for fs2004. I use sbuilder. When i compile with VTP layer and "usual" textures, then i se my photoscenery. BUT with low quality. I want to create a hires terrain. I set up "hires. Photo (bgl & bitmap). Compliled...
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    Fsx Sdk

    I have a problem with new SDK for FSX. I have downloaded SDK. Then i shift FSX_GmaxGamePack in Gmax's "gamepack". Load Gmax by icon FSX_GMax. After export, i get this mistake. Wht my problem???? please help!
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    Alpha channel problem in FSX

    I have problem with alpha channel in FSX. I can't understand why in this screenshot i dont see airplane and cloud through beacon? I use texture with alpha. (BMP\DX3) and try DDS. But some objects i can see through. P.S. Sorry for my english))
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    Help fot Russia

    Hello! Firstable, excuse me for my english. Im from russia, kaliningrad. I need to know, how to make a lights. I read a lot of information in this forum, but still confused:( Wht i must to create in gmax? How to attach an effect? Effect-file im created. Wht i did: 1. Create an object in...