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  1. mseiwald

    Issue with Animations latest Dev Version

    Hello guys, I'm having an issue exporting Animations with the latest Development version of ModelConverter X. It's a simple rotating radar animation and it displays fine in ModelConverter X but after exporting it to a P3Dv2.bgl the Animation doesnt work in P3D. I have tried it now with an...
  2. mseiwald

    Help with Island Problem

    Now i feel really silly hehe :) That indeed worked, thank you very much. I was thinking that this would remove the islands from the other grid cells so thats why i didnt try it.
  3. mseiwald

    Help with Island Problem

    Hi, i`m drawing a new coastline following the FSX KML Tutorial and so far everything worked great except that i always have a "land" border around my island like depicted on the screenshots. I understand that the new Hydro Poly needs to be exactly the size of the QMID grid but i`m just unable...
  4. mseiwald

    Effect trigger issue

    Thank you for your reply Gary. I did read that post and already have the effects placed twice. One for Day/Night and another one for Dusk/Dawn. I have tried a lot of things in the past days but i just cant get the effects to show for the time of the day i choose to start the flight. Still...
  5. mseiwald

    Handy Maxscript for effects...

    This script helped me a lot but since i already had lots of different names applied to my objects and didnt want to rename them all i changed the script a bit to add the effects to all selected objects regardless of their names. I thought i share it here as well in case someone is in the same...
  6. mseiwald

    Effect trigger issue

    Hello guys, i'm having a weird problem with the day/night - dusk/dawn effect parameters. While researching for another problem in the past couple of days i found someone mentioned a similar problem here in the forum but after several hours of searching i wasnt able to find it again so i hope...