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    AI Timeout

    a Utility that stops FSX AI traffic from timing out and going 'poof' prior to line up and hold. Terry
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    adjusting ship wake height

    Adjusting height of wake Hi Kiwiusa, There seems to be some difference in the order of the values in the LIGHTS and SMOKESYSTEM section lines based on whether you are placing FS9 AI in FS9, or placing FS9/FSX AI in FSX. I'm not sure why this is so but it must have something to do with...
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    Beacon Light Effect

    Have you tried using the 'Facing' (heading, bank and pitch) parameter in your effect file? I haven't used this myself but it might solve your problem. You will need FSX Deluxe and the latest SDK. you will also need to setup the Effects Tool. This is a cool tool for playing with effects and...
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    Moving smoke

    Hi Kiwiusa. This response is a little late and may be of no use to you now but here goes anyway. :) I suggest you copy the 'fx_Smoke_seikan.fx' file and rename it. Then open the new .fx file and adjust the emitter offset position. (I think there is only one emitter in this effect). In FSX you...
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    FSX Boats: Limited Effects

    I think this problem is related to the fact that the sim.cfg file is only 'seeing' a wake file. Therefore, any nested effects will have the origin of a wake file. All nested effects on an AI vessel therefore need to have their emitter offsets adjusted from that 'wake' origin to be in their...
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    FSX Boats: Limited Effects

    Dean, You solved my problem :). It took a little bit to work thru the FSX SDK but I eventually managed to nest all my effects under one *.fx file and now my AI shipping has wake,spray, eng smoke and lighting effects all working as you suggested once the vessel is under way. Thanks again...
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    FSX Boats: Limited Effects

    Hi Guys, I have downloaded a couple of vessels from and although they are FS9 files I managed to get most of them to work satisfactorily as drivaeable versions in my XP FSX setup. They have that little bouncy problem sometimes :o but some massaging of the contact points...