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  1. CanadaKen

    AVSIM very slow

    Hi All Is it just my feed or is AVSIM having trouble again? CK
  2. CanadaKen

    FSX suddenly has no scenery objests

    Got an e:mail from a buddy. He had some bad RAM in his PC. I replaced it under warranty (Corsair). Now when he brings up local airports (CYVR, CYXX, etc) the afcad runways, taxiways, lighting, etc are there but no scenery objects??? No terminal buildings, hangers or towers. If he loads an...
  3. CanadaKen

    Very sad to read about this

    Justin Time who started FSGenesis (haven't a clue what his real name is) posted this. Looks he has fallen on hard times. Maybe someone here knows where he could find flightsim work?? Ken
  4. CanadaKen

    P3D v2 P3D v2.5.....addon Scenery goes where?

    So did I hear correctly....there is no Add On Scenery folder in P3D v2.5? If so where do the add ons go? I'm about to update and would kind of like to know before I commit to v2.5. Ken
  5. CanadaKen

    P3D v1 Making the move

  6. CanadaKen

    Windows 8.1 crashes FSX....and other woes?

    Hi Gang I have been hearing/reading that Win8.1 crashes FSX. I have also heard Creative X-Fi sound cards stop working. Even some anti-virus apps stop working. I'm running Win7 but was thinking of going to Win8.1. Anyone here had Win8.1 problems? Ken
  7. CanadaKen

    Important read FSUIPC will stop working!

    Peter has had to make security changes. CK
  8. CanadaKen

    Puzzled....aircraft hovering above Start

    I've been building a bunch of small refueling bases in the spots where Pan Am had their clipper flying boat bases pre WW2. Treasure Island in Frisco, Honolulu, Midway, etc. Using ADE and Instant Scenery2. All has gone fairly well. Few little hiccups but all solved. I look for areas very...
  9. CanadaKen

    Object location limits?

    Hi I downloaded a freeware object library of military objects as it had some older looking military trucks. I have been making some simple fictitious airports on some Pacific islands. While using Instant Scenery2 in FSX I was able to place the trucks on the US mainland but as soon...
  10. CanadaKen

    Sloped terrain done but a question

    Hi I sloped a "ramp" for amphib aircraft to taxi up onto land. I used a "flatten mask class exclude autogen". As stated in the manual I show grass up the ramp. When I try anything other than Airport Background I lose the sloped vector data and I'm back to the default mesh altitudes. I...
  11. CanadaKen

    Effects...lights....not showing

    Hi I used ADEX to place a couple of effects lights. fx_HS_FSX_marine_green_1s to be exact. They show on my PC but not on my buddies. He has all the fx_HS_FSX light effects in his Effects folder. I sent him the airport bgl a 2nd time just in case I sent him the wrong one the first time...
  12. CanadaKen

    What does this mean?

    Hi I was making a small change to PMDY (small flatten) and got this warning when I compiled the airport. I have a feeling it had nothing to do with what I changed and most likely would have come up compiling the unchanged airport. Am I correct? WARNING: #C1102 PMDY 5166 APRON_VERTEX...
  13. CanadaKen

    Question for you "gauge guys"

    Hi First off I know nothing about writing gauges. I have tweaked a few xml files for scenery. Question....why does this gauge show -500 ft/min? Whether the aircraft is in the air trimmed out or sitting on the water at sea level the gauges "zero" is -500'. Is there something in the...
  14. CanadaKen

    FS9 aircraft under FSX...the problems

    Hi What are the usual problems that come from using aircraft designed for FS9 under FSX? Textures, dynamics,etc? I remember reading something about the spinning propeller textures but what other things? Thanks Ken
  15. CanadaKen

    FSX Some FSX scenery making questions

    Hi I made the switch to FSX a couple of months back. In FS9 I built a friend and I a series of small refuelling bases for the flying boats like the Short Empire Class and the Boeing B314. Now I want to build them in FSX. Question 1 - I take it the Top Down view in FSX has changed...
  16. CanadaKen

    Help with a CG/trim problem

    Hello First off I am not a aircraft modeler. I have done some .air and cfg file tweaking over the years but it's been a while. I am trying to set up Mike Stone's Boeing B314 Clipper for use in FSX. In FS9 the aircraft sits normally....nice and level in the water. But under FSX she...
  17. CanadaKen

    A simple question....

    I notice many freeware and payware developers on this site plus a few of the ACES team. Simple question...what video card are you using? CanadaKen
  18. CanadaKen

    Texture replacement packages???

    Some Questions. I'm looking into one of the ground texture replacement packages. I know the "usual suspects" so to speak like Ultimate Terrain, FScene and Ground Environment....what others are out there? I will start with FS2004 replacement then FSX. One thing I find confusing is...
  19. CanadaKen

    FS9 has gone bad....very bad

    First off let me just say I'm no rookie at FS but this has me stumped. I was halfway through building an airport for a buddy. All of a sudden FS9 started acting up. I would start a flight at the new airport and no matter if I started flying or went into SLEW mode FS9 would suddenly pop into a...
  20. CanadaKen

    AFCAD texture layers???

    I am building a "from scratch" new airport. I used AFCAD to place a large concrete parking apron. Later I decided to add a grass texture around the edges of the concrete apron. The easiest of course is to place another ground poly larger than the concrete apron. What I've found strange...