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  1. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    Hi again, I'd like to know if someone know how can I import DXF file from Autocad in Gmax ? Gmax seems to import correctly but the scene stays empty (it's like my DXF file is empty) My DXF file only contains a text. Thanks for any help !
  2. SelfRuling

    Taxiline creation with GMax

    Taxilines with Gmax Discussion thread for Taxilines with Gmax. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  3. SelfRuling

    Material texture in gmax and in fs9

    Hello, I have a problem with my ground texture. I'll explain you with pictures, it's more clear : There is my gmax project : Then, I removed all isolated vertices. All seems normal Then I: - make it Editable Poly. - export it with the FS2002 Gamepack - tweak the asm file...
  4. SelfRuling

    GUID and EZ Library Manager

    :) Hi, it's my first message in this forum. I have a problem with my ground polygon mdl - First of all, I use FS9. 1. I create a plane in GMax FS2002 Gamepack 2. Export it 3. Tweak the asm file 4. Compile it with bglc_9 to get the mdl file. No problem with this step (thanks...