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  1. JonasR

    Morocco Beni Mellal GMMD Freeware Scenery

    Hey guys, I want to show you the result of the last few months of work which will finally come to an end tomorrow! If no further problems appear the scenery will be released tomorrow the 3rd March at around 17z. Some of the special features: Real elevation for surrounding Mountains (coming...
  2. JonasR

    Weird Ground Poly Conversion Problem

    Hey guys its me again. Right now im suffering a pretty weird problem converting my ground poly into the sim with ModelConverterX Ground Polygon Wizard. So here is what i have after exporting it from gmax and importing it into MDX. Everything fine and as it should. Now i pressed Convert in...
  3. JonasR

    Get rid of City Autogen

    Hello guys it's me again. I was just planing a small freeware scenery but the Autogen really is in my way. As there is really nothing in reality i planned to just put a small satellite image on that and that's it but unfortunately the city is in my way. Here you see how it looks in reality...
  4. JonasR

    TH3 Project Marrakech GMMX for FSX and P3D

    After a year collecting pictures and ideas and "learning" how to make Airport Scenerys I thought it makes sense to official post here that me and a friend are working on a HQ Scenery for Marrakech. We already released a small Freeware from it for those who are interested. Pictures and news you...
  5. JonasR

    FSX Airport Elevation Problem

    Dear Friends, I have changed the Elevation of my airport and this is what i've got :eek: Only the runways changed there Altitude but not this mass of land. Can some one help?
  6. JonasR

    FSX Autogen with selfmade Buildings

    Hello dear Friends! I am currently working on marrakech X. The airport is done so far and now i want to make the whole city. I already have about 10 different civil buildings for a selfmade autogen and now the question is, is there a program which could place this buildings for me? Currently im...
  7. JonasR Down

    I just wanted to redownload SbuilderX 3.14 but it seems like the page is down :yikes: Does anyone know smthn why they're not reachable, or would be able to send me SbuilderX?
  8. JonasR

    FSX SBuilderX|Own textures

    Hallo Gents! :) My question is: is it possible to compile my own textures with SbuilderX in to FSX? I've allready tryed smthn: I have made a Polygon and then i opend it's properties, and there i've done this: But when i've compiled it into FSX i couldn't see my textures:( So my question...
  9. JonasR

    FSX Using Google Satellite Images Illegal?

    Hallo Gents :) I am currently working on a Scenery called Marrakech X and the project is going on good and fast. But now i heard that its illegal to use the google satellite images for a scenery :eek: What can you tell me about this? If it's Illegal, can you tell me a way or a provider to get...