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  1. theisomizer

    Tutorial: Use SimIn SDK to Query Raster Data

    Hi, Here is a tutorial on querying for raster data in the simulator using the SimIn API. Raster data includes Elevation, LandClass, PopulationDensity, Region, Season, and WaterClass data that forms the base layers for the simulator terrain generation algorithms. Aerial imagery is not yet...
  2. theisomizer

    Tutorial: Use SimIn SDK to Query Vectors

    Hi, Here is a tutorial on querying for vector Data in the simulator using the SimIn API. Vector data includes roads, bodies of water, powerlines, and other linear features that are blended on top of the terrain data. The raw data returned from SimIn could be used for many purposes, such as a...
  3. theisomizer

    [Beta] SimIn SDK

    Hi, We created a new forum to discuss this in more detail, but wanted to share this here in the Showroom as a bit of shameless self-promotion. Myself and @fs1 have been working on various projects working with...
  4. theisomizer

    [Beta] Announcing the SimIn SDK

    Dear FSDeveloper Community, It's been quite a long journey. We (Federico Sucari @fs1 and Sean Isom @theisomizer), have been working to understand the FSX, ESP, and P3D internals for the last six years. We are passionate about this mission, and through our collective projects we have been...
  5. theisomizer

    P3D v4 Legacy BGL / MDL Features Missing in V4

    Hey folks, here's a pretty broad question. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I usually work more on the programming side of things than content. What exactly has changed between FSX/P3DV3 and P3DV4 in regards to compatibility with legacy BGL/MDLs? I'm specifically interested in 3D...
  6. theisomizer

    BGLDEC - A resample BGL DECompressor

    BGLDEC - A BGL DECompressor for resampled BGL files BGLDEC is a utility that decompresses BGL files that are output from resample.exe. A BGL file is decompressed into multiple binary or bitmap files that contain the raw data as it used by the simulator. This includes elevation data, terrain...
  7. theisomizer

    Editing In-Sim Menus

    Hi All, We'll since I'm (probably) unchained (see here if you didn't catch the discussion), I guess it's time for a new post. Here's a piece of the latest thing I've been working on: Messing around with the menus (and other systems) through the FSAPI. I don't want to divulge much more right...
  8. theisomizer

    Modelling Toolset!

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year everybody! :) (I was actually hoping to share this right before Christmas, but time gets away from me sometimes...) Here is a sample of one of the software projects I have been working on during the past few months. I call it MDLMagic...
  9. theisomizer

    XToMDL Problems? x64 Solution!

    In response to this, I developed a 64 bit build of XToMDL. You will find it attached: Be sure to check the readme for all pertinent information! Please make sure you have the Visual C++ 2010 runtime installed! Download here: x86 x64 Please leave me feedback, bug reports, etc! :) Note - P3D...
  10. theisomizer

    .cld file format

    Hi all, It's been many years, but I'm coming back to the FS community again. I've been doing a lot of work lately on picking up some old projects. Hopefully I'll have some more useful stuff to present soon (especially on the .MDL file format). Anyways, for now here is a small, very...
  11. theisomizer

    Air File Documentation?

    Hey Folks, I've been looking at integrating support for .air files into my SimStudio program (a home-grown tool I use to author payware aircraft) for a long time. I recently upgraded it from a native C++ MFC application to a .net assembly in C++/CLI, and then replaced my old MFC style plugin...
  12. theisomizer

    FS Insider gets a makeover

    It appears that FS Insider has once again gotten a makeover. Check it out for yourself, you know the address: Sean
  13. theisomizer

    Announcing some new FS Tools

    Removed old application information. Sorry, these products never saw the light of day.
  14. theisomizer

    Some BGL info for you guys...

    Hey all, During some of my... ahem... MDL "research" cough cough hacking cough cough... :p I have discovered the following BGL info. Yes, it is for FSX. I thought the FSX MDL format got rid of the old BGL-style data, but apparently it is still included in xtomdl for some reason. Time for...