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  1. rbrown3rd

    Image specs?

    Hi, I am just experimenting with your autogen editor. It looks very nice and could be very useful in my scenery project. I do understand that it is in development and how much work it takes to create a tool like this. I have a question regarding a custom texture I created which I was going...
  2. rbrown3rd

    Objects from Coordinate List

    I have a list of coordinates for a bunch of objects, let's say radio towers for sake of discussion, is there a way to import or convert that text file list of coordinates, en masse, into a bunch of scenery objects? Forgive me if this is something that has already been answered but I am fairly...
  3. rbrown3rd

    Newbie tool advice

    I am an experienced landclass scenery creator having worked with Joe Watson to create the Florida Landclass Scenery. However, I am a complete newb in creating airports and scenery objects. I did complete a model of my house in Gmax so I have overcome the basics there. What are the preferred...
  4. rbrown3rd

    Location Question

    My first project, the tutorial house, is at the runway at SeaTac airport. If I want to change the location can I just change the coordinates in the XML and the recompile it with BGLcomp? The reason I ask is that i tried that and it does not show at the new location but will show if I use the...
  5. rbrown3rd

    Texture Question

    I have completed the Gmax tutorial to build a house. After struggling with some of the tips in the tutorial I finally got it done including texturing. My question regards the format of my texture files. I used the house.bmp supplied with the FS2004 Gamepack Tutorial and found it would not...