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  1. borisforero

    FS2004 Ground2k4 Suddenly stops compiling

    Hi, I have been working with Ground2k4 without problems, until I try to make some Waterclass, and then when trying to compile it pops up an error message tellling: erreur générale d' exécution du processus "C:/-here is the route to my file-*.ASM" "C:/-here is the route to my file-*.BGL"...
  2. borisforero

    FSX KML doesn´t compile

    Hi, I have downloaded FSXKML v.1.10, install it, and setup the paths to work properly. But it doesn´t. Some trouble is when trying to build the BGL file. Attached are two images with screenshots of what I got. The errors in DOS prompt are in spanish, and means "system couldn´t find...
  3. borisforero

    Effect placement (SCASM)

    Effect - Placement (SCASM) Discussion thread for Effect - Placement (SCASM). If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  4. borisforero

    Dancing Gmax Scenery Lights

    Hi! I'm putting some light poles with gmax lights for approns. But I realized that when flying towards airport, they become visible, and then, suddenly they starts to "dance" or "move" until you are close to them, that you can see the light in the correct position. Attach are some pictures...
  5. borisforero

    Two or more jetways animation problem

    Hi! Finally I can compile two gmax files with CAT and compile the MDL File, and I got a BGL that works perfect showing my jetway and moving in order with my NAV frequencies. But now I want to multiply my jetways to all the airport, so I try to rename the XML files in order to have one BGL...
  6. borisforero

    BGLC Compile problem

    Hi! I'm trying to compile with SDK2002 BGLC a ASM file -for ground polygons-, but i got some errors. Attached is an image of the DOS prompt and the files i'm working on it (The asm was already tweaked). Thanks in advance! :) PS. I have installed msxml4 sp2.
  7. borisforero

    CAT and ASM for Jetway

    Hi! I have a few questions here: 1-The only way to have *.ASM files is from SDK2002 when you check the "Keep files"? 2-I have a jetway animation, and it works fine in Gmax, but when i export it and save my ASM files, and go to CAT, something i'm doing wrong, because in FS9 my jetway...
  8. borisforero

    Mdl To Bgl

    Hi! does anyone knows how to convert an MDL aircraft file to an BGL, for example, to do a static aircraft of one that i have installed in my fs9/aircraft folder? thanks!!
  9. borisforero

    Closed runways doesn´t works!

    Hi!...when i'm at AFCAD, there is a checkbox that allows you to close a runway for takeoff or landing, but when i choose that not be available to landing, the control tower ignores that and send to that closed runway. The only way it changes is when the wind changes. Is it possible to close a...
  10. borisforero

    Scaling Kilauea effect

    Hi everybody!...well...i'm working on Galapago's Islands Scenery, and i want to add to Isabela Volcano a big effect of volcan eruption. I use Object Placer and i put the Kilauea effect, but i try to scale it but it doesn't works... :confused: ...any ideas? thanks!!
  11. borisforero

    Autogen exclusion

    Hi my friends!...i'm working on SEQU Quito Scenery, at Ecuador....i have a question: When i export my BGL file, i see an aera around the airport that excludes all visual scenery (autogen scenery), and i can't find what makes this thing in gmax. I'm using gmax 1.0 and FSSC for disappear some...