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    Cockpit building from scratch

    Hi Everyone, I'd like to scratch build a twin engine helicopter cockpit that has a working overhead panel and over head throttles in fsx. I don't know where to start. Any pointers would be appreciated. I'm handy with engineering, and using microprocessors and electronics etc and have done a...
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    Missing scenery Exporting an .X file to a .dae file.

    Hi, I have a Direct X file, that I read in ModelConvertor, and it looks perfect with texture from a .bmp file. I use ModelConvertor to export to dae and then import that into 3ds Max 2015. Everything is fine, except in 3ds Max everything is grey. No textures. It's probably something...
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    Upside down dds images in FSX

    Hi, My head is fried at the moment, so I'd like to ask a solution to my problem, if you don't mind. I'm working purely with existing dds files, not bmp ones. I convert straight from the X file in ModelConvertor, and it places the object ( BGL file) in the scenery directory of fsx. The...
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    Google Earth 3D Ripper X file from 3ds Max 2014

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I've successfully used 3D Ripper to get buildings off of Google Earth, and loaded the result into 3ds Max 2014, where it looks really good. I export a "Draw Call worth" to an X file. Problem, is it the X file showing a simple square building (row of...
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    Where to download ESP1.0 DirectX Exporter from?

    Hello, I've been using the ESP1.0 Direct X exporter with 3DS Max for a while now. Recently I got a new PC, and loaded on 3ds Max 2015, but I cannot remember how I installed the ESP 1.0 .X exporter, on my old machine. Could anyone tell me in simple steps what I have to do? Thanks, Max
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    Drawcalls....Too much of a good thing!

    Hi All, I've been thinking that minimising Drawcalls may be the holy grail of keeping frame rates respectable. But, is there a point where too few draw calls has a detrimental effect, instead. If I had an entire city block of hundreds of textures, but every texture is on one bitmap...
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    ModelConvertor Refresh?

    Question mainly for Arno. I'm tweaking Direct X files, and am starting to use ModelConvertor to view the visual outcomes, as it produces a nice bright crisp output. Thanks, My question is.... Is there a refresh button, (not reset), so I can tweak the .X file then press refresh on...
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    Google earth buildings to 3ds max to fsx

    Hi I've used 3D Reaper DX with an older version of Google Earth, to grab buildings etc. Then I've loaded them into 3ds Max 2014 ( via 3ds max 9) quite successfully. My problem comes when I export the buildings from 3ds Max 2014 as a .X file. It loads in the Model Convertor X fine, but...
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    ESP 1.0 Exporter vanished from 3DS MAX 2014

    Hi , I wonder if anyone can help me. I've been exporting objects from 3ds max 2014 using the ESP 1.0 exporter, for the past several months. The latest ESP 1.0 Export I made, was last night about 3 AM. Then, when I went to turn off my PC it told me it had loads of Microsoft Updates to do. So, I...
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    Multiple Texture BGL object not showing in FSX

    I have an object with four textures, whose BGL file shows up visually perfect in the ModelConvertorX program. Unfortunately the object it doesn't appear in FSX. I'm successfully viewing the BGL file by clicking on it's listing in the correct FSX Addon Scenery\scenery directory.The four dds...
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    UVW Unwrap not aligning properly in MDL/BGL file.

    Hi, I'm using UVW Unwrap on a simple box shape, and it works perfectly in the 3DS max 2014 viewport, but when I convert to MDL and BGL files respectively, the textures are inverted, and don't cover the whole object. I've tried a bmp graphic and dds graphic and set to 2048 pixels etc...
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    FSX 3ds Max 2014 failure to create .BGL file.

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I was successfully creating scenery objects in 3ds Max 2014, and loading them into FSX via the Gold / Accelerator SDK, on my venerable XP Box. Well, the XP box went bang at the weekend, so I loaded a CD copy of Gold/Accelerator onto my Windows 7 PC, with a...