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    Navaids missing

    Hi Jon, What if i want to modify an ILS but i don't have the project file, just the AFX? Do i load the AFX then Load Stock Data then i modify, save and compile? Thanks.
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    Navaids missing

    Hi Jon, Yes, i confirm that. I managed to get the navaids show up by running Load Stock Data as you said. Going to email you. Thanks.
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    Navaids missing

    Hi, When i open some of my P3D v2.3 scenery AFX files with ADE (v1.6) some navaids are missing (ILS, VOR, NBD). Some airports don't show any navaids while others are missing the ILS or NDB. Those navaids show if i open the files with AFX. Why don't they show in ADE? Thanks.
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    Azores X - Azores island group

    Very nice work, AndyPaul. Looking forward to see it completed.
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    FS2004 Paro International Airport, Bhutan

    Very nice. Will this be for FSX also?
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    FSX Mauritius International FIMP

    Hi Max, I think you mistaken meter by feet, the real altitude is around 55m but in the scenery it's 55ft. That's why we notice the elevation problem when we use an addon mesh. Congratulations for this great scenery. ;) Best regards.
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    Vista 64 bits

    Thanks, Arno.
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    Vista 64 bits

    Hi Can you tell me if FSX KML and FWTools work on Vista 64? Thanks.
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    FSX Planner release 23 available (August 18th)

    Thanks Russel. This update is what i was looking for. Good job.
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    AFX By Flight1. Will this change you course Russell?

    I am also tempted to buy it, specially because FSX Planner doesn't open the bgl's directly, but i will wait for an answer from Russel.
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    Future Versions of ADE

    Sorry to hear about your accident, Jon. Hope you get well soon. Best regards.
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    connect prob

    The checkbox doesn't work for me, the plane disappears.
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    connect prob

    I have Windows Xp also and i have both simconnect.xml and fsuipc loaded. The only problem is that the aircraft position doesn't update unless i press "move cursor to fsx plane" as have been said here.
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    connect prob

    I had that same problem with the addons but the latest simconnect.xml fixed the problem. Did you install it?
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    connect prob

    Works now, Russel. Good job, thank you! Waiting for the open FSX bgl feature now.;)
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    V.21 big burp!

    I overwrote v20 and it works ok, except that i can't make it connect to FSX.
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    connect prob

    I can't connect also. Even with the new simconnect.xml. And i also lose the modules menu in FSX and FS Commander doesn't work anymore. When i take simconnect.xml off the fsx folder everything works ok again.
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    FSX Mesh Help

    Hi, Holger I have a problem with spikes, how do i fix it in Global Mapper? I thought 3DEM could fix it also but couldn't find out how. Thanks.
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    Problem finding airport

    Thanks, Russel ;) When will it be released? Will the next version open the bgl's directly?
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    A couple questions

    I found the solution. Uninstalled and reinstalled MSXML and now it compiled without error. Thanks alot for your help. I'm gonna check how my new airport looks like. :)