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    P3D v4 Tinted windows

    Hi All, I just bought Lionhearts Piper Pacer set of aircraft and do not like the tinted windows. Dealing with the low resolution of an Oculus Rift is bad enough without the darkened views from the aircraft. Can anyone tell me how to get a nice clear view outside in VC mode? Thanks, Larry B
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    P3D v4 Adding Models

    I have placed 3 mdl model files in the model list but when I try to add them to the airport I can't tell one from the other! Changing the name from" FSDS object" to the aircraft type doesn't help. ADE changes it right back to "FSDS Object". These are aircraft that I built using FSDS. There...
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    ADE Freeze

    ADE freezes when I try to open a stock airport. I have downloaded the latest patch. After installing the patch I no longer get the "system null reference exception" error message. Trying to use the program with P3D V4..5 and Orbx Global base pack. have the latest net framework
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    P3D v4 SbuilderX 315 Problem

    My sbuilderX315 stopped working after I installed Orbx global open landclass and global base pack. SbuilderX compiles the files (landclass and vector polygon) and I move the bgl files to P3D add on scenery/scenery. But nothing shows up in P3D4.5. Everything was fine before I installed the Orbx...
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    Sim Director

    Does anyone know of a simple tutorial for Sim Director? I just started using it and in my stumbling around I have been able to build a scenario, place some objects and export the file as a bgl. I cannot see any thing except the straight down view. Sure would appreciate any help at all.