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    Navaids missing

    Hi, When i open some of my P3D v2.3 scenery AFX files with ADE (v1.6) some navaids are missing (ILS, VOR, NBD). Some airports don't show any navaids while others are missing the ILS or NDB. Those navaids show if i open the files with AFX. Why don't they show in ADE? Thanks.
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    Vista 64 bits

    Hi Can you tell me if FSX KML and FWTools work on Vista 64? Thanks.
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    A couple questions

    Hi 1 - I opened an airport but i would like to know which folder and file it belongs to in the FSX scenery folder. How can i do it? 2 - How can i change the altitude of the runways to feet instead of meters? I tried in the program options but there is nothing there to choose. Thanks.
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    Problem finding airport

    Hi I have 2 questions: 1 - When i try to find SPRF airport, FSX Planner tells me it is on the 0304 folder with the file name APX29260.bgl. The problem is this file does not exist in that folder. This happened to me before with another airport also. Am i doing something wrong? 2 - Is it...
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    Taxiway problem

    Hi I'm new to SDE and to FSX scenery design, this is my first post here. I just came across SDE and i am trying to understand the program. I used the scanner function to find LPPM airport because i wanted to fix the taxiway which is on the right side of runway 29 instead of the left side...