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    A review of the FS2020 launch preview from the view of a 3rd party dev.

    I did an initial video a few months ago when MS announced FS2020, and a lot of my speculation has so far been confirmed, like the use of streaming maps and such. Lets see what else I get right with the latest massive information dump during the press conference.
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    An in-depth look at the new E3 MSFS trailer from me.

    I did an in-depth analysis of the new E3 trailer and spoke about some of the technology behind it in detail in a video I just released. I think some of you more tech orientated may find it interesting! Let me know what you think and lets discuss anything I spoke about or missed! Kevin
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    P3D v4 Refreshing textures/models in P3D?

    Is it possible to have P3D reload the textures or models of an aircraft without having to quit out? Im making liveries and doing final shader tweaks on my Zenith 701 and I need to exit P3D and reload to see any updates after I save out the DDS files. Does a dev mode exist that flushes the...
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    P3D v4 P3D PBR Primer video.

    I made this video to help 3rd party dev's understand what PBR is and how its applied in P3D 4.4. I also did a followup on tools used to create PBR textures. PBR Primer Tools.
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    Looking for a co-developer to finalize Zenith 701 project. (P3D/FSX)

    Hello fellow 3rd party dev's! Im looking for someone to help me finish off a great little project so I can get it on the market. I need someone to animate the gauges, connect the GPS to the sim, FM work and sounds. I have all the art assets ready with animations and I recorded all the sounds...