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    FSXA Rescue Climber with Sling

    Hello, I try to make a rescue mission with the winch but it did not work really. First, I place a climber: After, i place a trigger "IsOnSling-Ai": when I fly over the area with the winch, the animation "PlayAnimation_AI-PPL-Climber03" is active on my sling. But the dialogue...
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    FSXA Effect in Mission Pack ?

    Hello, I created an effect that I use in a mission. I want to know if I can spread easily this file from the directory mission, by creating a sub-directory "Effects" such as: FSX \ Missions \ MyMission \ Effects \ MyEffects.fx Is it possible? Or do I have to ask the end user to...
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    FSXA No collision with flour bomb ?

    Hello, How to prevent mid-air collision with an object that has just been dumped? I'm thinking with the purpose flour sack. I did not see any option for that. Thanks Vincent
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    FSXA Flour Bomb miss rectangle aera ?

    Hello, Sorry for my English ... I can take into account the passage of an object (a flour bomb) through a rectangle. But how do you take into account if the object misses the rectangle? Thank you! Vincent