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  1. Epsilon90

    Manually placed objects excluding autogen

    Hello, I encountered another issue while developing the city of Muscat for FSX. I managed to successfully generate the houses mapped in the shp file, but for the part of the city called "The Wave" I preferred to manually place the trees instead of compiling them directly from another shapefile...
  2. Epsilon90

    Is this a bug ?

    Hello, I am making a photoreal scenery for the city of Muscat in Oman. So far everything went well, I placed a photoreal image, corrected the coast, and tried to place a first amount of autogen buildings to see how they look. They look good, no problems here. The trouble comes when I try to mix...
  3. Epsilon90

    scenProc generating trees inside buildings

    Hello all, I'm having an annoying problem when compiling the autogen with scenProc. I am trying to make all the area of Luxembourg with photoreal terrain and autogen over it. I have no problems with generating it, everything goes smoothly, I'm seeing houses, trees (at least the maximum amount...
  4. Epsilon90

    FSX Barra Island Mesh

    Hello, I am trying to make a photoreal scenery that covers all the Island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides - I made the photoreal, everything went OK and it looks great! Now I am wondering not a lot how to make a mesh for all the island, but more on how to delete all the coastlines and eventual...
  5. Epsilon90

    FSX Problem with creating maps with SBuilderX

    Hello, I use SBuilderX 313. I wanted to try to make a photoreal scenary that covers the whole country of Slovenia. Since I am not very familiar (and after trying it, I didn't like it at all) with FSET, I thought to use SBX. Blendmasks etc. are not a problem in this case, but I would like to know...
  6. Epsilon90

    FSX MCX is out of memory

    Hello Yesterday I finally finished a terminal that took me quite a lot to complete . I exported it as a Collada file and imported it into mcx, after that I started adding night textures (74 in total) The problem is that after 7-8 I keep getting an error message that says...
  7. Epsilon90

    FSX Easter Island (in progress)

    Hello, after asking for quite a lot of help in this forum, I managed to complete a big part of the work with my Easter Island project! These up here are two screenshots of the land, with photoreal terrain and autogen. I still have to start the airport. In the city the trees have been...
  8. Epsilon90

    sceneProc gives me various errors

    Hello, I am trying to place autogen on top of my scenery of Easter Island. I successfully obtained the files natural.shp and buildings.shp for the island. Now I'm trying to create the FSX compatible files with sceneProc. I have read that some time ago it was slightly updated, yet I get a lot of...
  9. Epsilon90

    FSX bglcomp.exe is not working

    I am trying to make an exclusion rectangle to exclude non-autogen objects. I tried to code an XML code, here it is: <ExclusionRectangle latitudeMinimum = "S27.4" latitudeMaximum = "S26.3" longitudeMinimum = "W109.5" longitudeMaximum = "W107.5" excludeAllObjects =...
  10. Epsilon90

    FSX Problems with removing non-autogen default FSX objects

    Hello, it's the second time I'm writing about this problem but this time I managed to figure out its nature and would like to have a solution for it. I am making a scenery for Easter Island. I re-made the island with a photoreal map placed correctly on mesh. Everything went well, I don't have...
  11. Epsilon90

    FSX Impossible to exclude landmarks?

    I'm trying to make a photo scenery for Easter Island. I managed to place the photoreal and the mesh correctly as well as the coastlines, but the default moai statues still show randomly around the island and in the sea. I tried to exclude them with ADE but without success. What should I do to...
  12. Epsilon90

    FSX Conflict between default island and new mesh

    Hello, I'm trying to make a reworked scenery for an island. I created a new mesh file for the island and the photoreal lays well on it, but the problem is that the default island goes through the new one. The question is, how can I totally remove the default island?
  13. Epsilon90

    Umeå for FSX

    Hello, I'm planning to start a new payware project, this time I'm willing to do Umeå (ESNU) airport in Sweden. I would like to know if anyone here would be interested just to have an idea of the popularity this add-on would have if I publish it. Thanks :)
  14. Epsilon90

    FSX Portorož for FSX (?)

    I'm planning to make a scenery for Portorož airoprt in Slovenia for FSX but I would first like to know if people are interested in this airport:oops: The thing I think most people will have doubts about is that I want to make it payware as all my other sceneries so that's why I'm asking you:D
  15. Epsilon90

    FSX SCASM lights over Ground poly... HELP!

    Hi guys! I'm trying to make a scenery of Zilina airport (LZZI) in Slovakia. I read how to use airport for windows to make an invisible runway with lights and place it over the actual GP runway. I had no problems with creating it, but when I export the airport code to compile it with scasm, it...