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  1. Tyler

    Who flies on vatsim?

    Anyone, maybe we can set up a group flight or something :D
  2. Tyler

    FS2004 And yet again, KMOB

    After 3 tries and i corrupting the last one, i fixed my issues and i can finally get this going again To include- Custon GMAX Terminal area and GA Areas( some CG Apron buildings. 3D Modeled approach lighting aids. Photorealistic Ground Tiles Custom Taxiways, Ramps, and Runways. And more!
  3. Tyler

    Got this working finally

    It took me a few hours, but it pays off!
  4. Tyler

    How did they do it. Simflyers KPHX

    I think its that they made the airport surroundings with gmax and made a platform, but i'm not sure. I can see in the below attachments that thats how they did it. My question is. Is there antoher way?
  5. Tyler

    FS2004 Ground polygon texture issue

    So I have all my polygon textures converted to 32 bit .bmp extension and some of them just will not work Im about to start ripping my hair out :banghead:
  6. Tyler

    FS2002 Makemdl is comfusing me here

    Please tell me Im not crazy and thats right.
  7. Tyler

    I think GMAX is messed up here

    I just made a runway for my upcoming scenery and im getting the ground polys done right now and it is too short. any reasons why? will have pics shortly
  8. Tyler

    Ground Poly help

    I just got done making the runway base from bill womacks tutorial, but nowhere in my.asm do I find this OBJECT_0_START label word IFIN1 OBJECT_0_FAIL, image_complex, 1, 32767 ADDOBJ OBJECT_0_SCALE SHADOW_CALL OBJECT_0_SCALE\ btw, im using mdlcommander cause i...
  9. Tyler

    (WIP) KLAX Los Angheles International

    Raw GMAX shots here LOTS more work to do on just this.
  10. Tyler

    Jetway animation with GMax

    Discussion thread for Jetway animation with GMax. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  11. Tyler

    3-Views And Plans References

    Discussion thread for 3-Views And Plans References. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  12. Tyler


    Randomness :p
  13. Tyler

    VGDS Tweaker

    Discussion thread for VGDS Tweaker. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  14. Tyler

    Seperation Planes for a papi

    I dont understand them, i try to do the stuff in the tutorial and it doesnt turn out the same. It gets 4 digits and i get 8
  15. Tyler

    Adding realism to airports

    Discussion thread for Adding realism to airports. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
  16. Tyler

    FS2004 Gamepack problems

    I try to open viam the fs2004.exe but it says "No plugin Directory:3DSMAX", "GMAX Failed to start." T tried running it in the gmax folder and in the folder i installed it in. Same error every time
  17. Tyler

    My first Work in Progress, My home AP

    My home airport Mobile regional. Im not anywhere done, might not be. But this took about an hour, 3 if you count the ade editing If i get to the texturing phase im going to be stuck there for awhile, and the FS2004 Gamepack. i tried to open the fs2004.exe but i get a plugin error, something...
  18. Tyler

    Registering SBuilder 105

    Registering SBuilder 205 Yeah, another question. Im doing what the help thing says and it isnt working. Any suggestions? Sorry, my typing isnt that well today
  19. Tyler

    Sbilder 205 Runtime error '339'

    I open it up and click new, then i get Runtime Error '339' Component 'TABCTL32.OCX' or one of its dependecies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.