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  1. Hughes-MDflyer4

    P3D v4 TFDi Design TrueGlass

    TrueGlass is a rain, icing, and fog effect for aircraft windshields in Prepar3D v4 exclusively. All rain drops are placed dynamically, and react to aircraft speed. Heavy rain will yield more drops and streaks than a light rain, which is quite noticeable when flying in and out of storms with a...
  2. Hughes-MDflyer4

    P3D v3 TFDi Design 717

    Hi all, This is a project I've been involved with for over 4 years now and we're finally nearing the end. My role over the past 2 1/2 of those years has been to transform the cockpit into something authentic and usable in-sim. The original cockpit was done by two other artists. While they did a...
  3. Hughes-MDflyer4

    Effect sound continues playing when attach point is hidden

    I'm not sure if this is an issue with my attach point, effect file, or just a limitation/bug in FSX/P3D. As a test, I have attached a default SFX .fx file to an object that's linked to another object on my aircraft. The parent object has a visibility attach point. When initially loaded, the...
  4. Hughes-MDflyer4

    XtoMDL.exe Unhandled Application Exception

    Hi all, I'm encountering a strange error when attempting to compile an X file into an MDL. Here's the error: error : Error loading .X file: (C:\Users\Brandon\Desktop\aircraftname.X). Is it a valid FLIGHT SIMULATOR '.X' file? (0): error : XToMdl.exe Unhandled Application Exception (0): error ...
  5. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA Make Mouse Pass Through Object

    Is there a way to make an object "invisible" to the mouse interaction? For example, an invisible polygon is over a box, but you need to be able to click the box. You wouldn't be able to because the polygon is in the way.
  6. Hughes-MDflyer4

    Dovetail Games Flight School and Flight Simulator

    Link to the announcement and a community message from DTG. Additionally, here's a comparison screenshot between DTG Flight School and FSX:SE I did.
  7. Hughes-MDflyer4

    Some Trouble with Shape Files

    Hi, I recently came across a set of what appears to be really good data for Los Angeles buildings. I planned on running it through scenProc to generate some autogen buildings to match Blue Sky Scenery. However, I've come across a bit of an issue. First, I tried processing the entire Shape...
  8. Hughes-MDflyer4

    XtoMDL UI

    XtoMDL UI is an intuitive application for compiling FSX/P3D model files (.mdl) with XtoMDL.exe. This is the first program that I've released publicly, so feedback (and/or reports of any issues) is appreciated! Features Modern WPF user interface Persistent user settings (loaded each time the...
  9. Hughes-MDflyer4

    Another (Semi) Dead PC Thead

    First, Bill Leaming was struck with the dead computer issue, and now I've been as well! Is it contagious or something? :p Over the past several months, seemingly randomly, I've had Windows get to a point where it is VERY slow to boot up (for no reason, either), until finally one day, it will...
  10. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA All Animated Parts Disappeared

    When exporting my model (virtual cockpit), all parts do not show up. I've added many custom modeldef entries. Is there a particular case with custom part infos that would cause this, or is there another problem. Need any more details? Just ask.
  11. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA Tailhook

    Hi, I've been having trouble getting a tailhook to animate. I've done some research and have found very little solid information on the system. I see that two attach points are needed, tailhook_hook and tailhook_pivot. I started off trying to get the tailhook_pivot to work. According to what...
  12. Hughes-MDflyer4

    Prepar3D v2.0 Released!

  13. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA Ground Poly Supressing Autogen

    Hi, I am making a ground poly for an airport using the FS2002 MakeMDL and BGLC9. The issue is that random areas around the poly have suppressed autogen. I was reading a topic started back in 2006 about this same issue, but there was no answer in that topic that seemed to be a for-sure fix and...
  14. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA Help with Masks

    Hi, I downloaded a tile for some photoscenery from the USGS site. I added a blendmask as a new (5th) channel in the GeoTiff using Gimp. After compiling the BGL, however, the blend mask does not show in the sim. I also tried saving the GeoTiff as a BMP and the blend mask as a separate Tiff and...
  15. Hughes-MDflyer4

    C++ Coder Needed

    Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations is in need of a C++ programmer to code gauges and systems for current and future helicopter projects. The position is not currently paid, but if you wish to receive some cash for your work, we will do our best to work something out. Keep in mind that all our current...
  16. Hughes-MDflyer4

    New MS Flight Media Coming Tomorrow (Jan 4th) According to Tom Allensworth of Avsim, at 0900 EDT tomorrow morning, they will be providing some exclusive imagery from FLIGHT and videos. Be sure to check in on their forums tomorrow for the update!
  17. Hughes-MDflyer4

    XtoMDL Shortcut Path too long!

    So, I tried setting this as my target path for the XtoMDL shortcut: %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /K C:"\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK\Environment Kit\Modeling SDK\3DSM7\Plugins\xtomdl.exe" /XANIM /DICT:C:"\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft...
  18. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSX ERS Bell 206B III Released

    Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has released the FSX native conversion of Owen Hewitt's FS2004 Bell 206. Features include 18 model configurations, 19 liveries, specular and bump maps, reflective textures, VC shadows when using DX10, and much more! You can currently download the 206 from...
  19. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSX GMax Won't Export a 150,000 Poly Model

    Hi all, As the title says, I am having trouble exporting an FSX MDL from GMax that is about 150,000 polys. The following message is given in the Warnings and Errors window: ERROR: Vertex list has too many vertices (150574), max allowed: 65535 ERROR: Attempting to add an invalid...
  20. Hughes-MDflyer4

    FSXA Bell 206

    This is Owen Hewitt's FS2004 Bell 206B JetRanger III being converted to a native FSX model. The base model is pretty much done. The only things left to do on it are fix the landing lights (directional issue) and get the sliding window vent animation codes converted from FS9 to FSX, which must be...