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    dsd_fsx_xml_sound: read looping status

    I've been using the dsd_fsx_xml_sound module successfully, and playing either single or looped sounds works just fine, but I have not been able to read the status of a looping sound so far. According to the documentation, passing a 9 to the L:Var should return the looping status, but all I...
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    Syntax for switch case statements

    I know how to use the case statements in gauge strings and macros, but I cannot figure out the syntax if I try to use it in a <Script> section. Is something like the example below possible? (Depending on the case result, I want to execute several different statements, so this is obviously a...
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    Aircraft.cfg sort utility

    I always found it very painful to compare different aircraft.cfg file, due to the fact that most authors have quite different ideas on how to order them. So I finally buckled down and wrote a little utility that allows me to sort a whole CFG file, so that it can be easily used with any...
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    Mask affecting neighboring gauges

    I've created a gauge with a mask that is considerably bigger than the gauge itself, and while the the mask itself works just fine, it messes up gauges that are "covered" by it. For example, if I place it right above an autopilot gauge, the AP's buttons either stay lighted or off all the time...
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    Debug gauge for ALL simulation variables

    Has anybody ever created a gauge that contains all of the possible simulation variables (paged, of course, and perhaps in groups)? I keep writing little debug gauges that contain the ones I'm currently interested in, but am wondering whether it would make sense to create just one big monster...
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    FSXA How to dump data from FSX

    How can I get real-time data from FSX (e.g. simulation and user variables) dumped into either an external file or into DebugView? I would've expected to find lots of "black box" applications around, but they either only log very specific data (so I wouldn't be able to log user variables), or...
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    XML: Timer

    Discussion thread for XML: Timer. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.
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    Where/How to publish FSX addons

    I'm fairly new to the FS scene, but have been busy many years in military simulations, so while I know the process of getting your stuff to the public there, I'm not quite sure how to publish your freeware for FSX. It seems Simviation and FSDownload are the most popular hosts for addons, but...
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    Conditional Element Position possible?

    Depending on the value of a certain variable I want to have an element positioned at one of the other location. It tried it with a <Select> statement, but that didn't seem to do anything. Can this be done at all, or is my only recourse to duplicate the elements, and switch them on and off? This...