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    C Gauges Development

    DirectSound really isn't that hard, just look at the examples in the SDK. But, XACT is better. Patrick
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    Degenerate poly finder

    Bob, Yeah, that's basically what I do. Locate the offending part, and then delete half, which also usually makes the offending polys visible (as a line) if you spin the view around a bit. Then it is a simple matter of re-mirroring and re-welding (which might have been what caused the...
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    VC gauges disappear moving eyepoint...

    I just saw that the thumbnail looked normal, and didn't look at it, haha. Should have obviously. It looks like for some reason the z-order of the polys is so close that the order gets mixed up. I think the clipping-planes used between versions are probably different, and that is why they...
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    VC gauges disappear moving eyepoint...

    If you were in the pilot's seat and you could not see instruments, you would turn your head, not move it to the right or back, etc. In other words, moving the eyepoint (the location of the pilot's eye "camera" relative to the model) is not the solution for your issue. This is what cameras...
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    Nooby Dooby Doo

    Ok, I'll try <deep breath> :eek: But it might be another 47 lifetimes till I'm calm enough to be an MVP. :D It takes someone more like Bill, who I'd recommend, but I gave up trying to figure out how. But, my endorsment might do more harm than good anyway, so he lucked out, haha. Patrick
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    Nooby Dooby Doo 3DSMax is on version 2008 now, and available at: Clearly, you are expecting help pirating it, which is amazing. But, why would someone willing to pirate such expensive software care about rules about posting about pirating? You...
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    How can i protect my C++ program from Reverse Engineering

    Manuel, If you are just worried about "reverse engineering" it is already hard in that your program is compile, and someone would need to be able to either understand assembly, or have a de-compiler handy to really discover your "algorythms". You might find some C++ obfuscators on...
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    Easy SPB

    Or, for an easy way, you could download my script (in the gauges forum) and use that to do a one click compile of all xml files in any directory you specify. It will CAB too. :D Patrick
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    Gauge vs. Module (like CabinComfort)

    Don't need to use a module to program a CDU, just 80,000 lines of code and 12 months to do it (been there done that). So, don't see how a "module" is inheriently more powerful. Anyway, should be interesting to see what people's thoughts are on this. Patrick
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    XML Creation Script

    Spare moments are created, not found. :D Rather than use the aircraft/game directory, I prefer to use a "project" directory (actually a sub-directory of the mixed mode project). I do this because it means that all my work can automatically be backed up by scheduled tasks to both on-site...
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    XML Creation Script

    Actually, it lets the computer do all the work. After you create your .xml, all you do is double click on the script (or run it from the command line if you prefer), and it will then compile all the xml to spb and put the spb in an "spb" output directory where you have your art waiting, and...
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    Gauge vs. Module (like CabinComfort)

    Seems that CabinComfort could be defined as a Module that supports an XML gauge vs. a "gauge". However, wouldn't it be bad to do all your gauges this way as then you would have to have FS load a module(s) which might not even be used by an aircraft being flown? Patrick
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    XML Creation Script

    Here is an updated version that corrects some problems and logs simpropcompiler output to a .log file on compile errors so that you can see what it is saying. The script is now much improved and better documented with comments, allowing you to understand how to edit the user defined vars...
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    XML Creation Script

    Couple of notes: 1) The directories are user configurable. 2) Compile errors will NOT be reported. If you want to get errors, you can modify the script to do so by getting rid of the " > nul: " redirection. I did this because the compiler's copyright notification is messy (seems to...
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    Get XPNDR Code in External App

    SimConnect will allow you to do so without FSUIPC, however, it is only available for FSX. While it is possible in C++ to do so without either, you would need intimate knowledge of FS9, and very advanced programming skills (like Peter). This is a reference to the variable in FSUIPC's table...
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    Thoughts/Discussion of Mixed XML & C

    I understand what you are refering to now. Yes, I have just now been exploring this custom event thing, and my early opinion is that it appears that the method will be more valuable when one is coding in an OO way, vs. using more c-like code. I'm just now putting together a new more...
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    XML Creation Script

    For those of you who create XML gauges, or mixed mode gauges, you will find this script very handy. If you have a gauge project directory, for example, "C5_Galaxy", which is mixed mode create an XML sub-directory like this: C5_Galaxy assets - C gauge bmp, sounds, etc. inc...
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    Thoughts/Discussion of Mixed XML & C

    Bill, Thanks for your thoughts, although I'm not sure if I get what you are saying. I know that for any "custom" button that does not yet exist in FS, in the past, I have had to get creative to allow mouse, and custom keyboard/joystick input to control it that is user assignable. Perhaps...
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    Thoughts/Discussion of Mixed XML & C

    Background One can now create a "C", "XML", or "Mixed" gauge. Further, one can create a mixed gauge in at least two ways, either using the C++ Cabin comfort method (newer), or the more basic XML <-> C stuff used in the past. The newer method allows a more OO approach, but requires a dll.xml...
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    Updated SDK

    Very nice, thanks for the tip.