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  1. CanadaKen

    What a Wonderful Surprise!

    I say well earned!!! A friend has sent me pictures from the flea market.....oh my many lovely old receivers.....drool. :-) CK
  2. CanadaKen

    AI aircraft carrier landings

    Brilliant!!!!! Well done! CK
  3. CanadaKen

    P3D v4 V4 Transition

    I flew the 767-200ER at CYVR about 15 years ago. I had been running FS9 for a couple of months. My FS9 blew the doors off that multi-million dollar flight simulator. As a matter of fact FS2000 looked better! :-) This was a CAT-3 full sim with pilots from all over the world coming to VYR for...
  4. CanadaKen

    New Computer Blues...

    Hi Bill, are you using anything like this? Shuts down the Microsoft telemetry back to the "mothership". :-) I run it on my Win10 PC to stop as many wasted clock cycles as possible and of course try to cut the MS chains. :-) It's free Ken
  5. CanadaKen

    AVSIM very slow

    Thanks, Bill. I went to the Front page but didn't see any notices. CK
  6. CanadaKen

    AVSIM very slow

    Hi All Is it just my feed or is AVSIM having trouble again? CK
  7. CanadaKen

    I'm working on aircraft... (2017)

    You are the man behind the brilliant DC3, correct? If so the B-29 should be excellent! :-) Ken
  8. CanadaKen

    Need guidance how to create a water taxiway

    I built a dozen or more water bases for the Boeing B314 Clipper back in the FS9 and early FSX days. AI will work on Water runways and Taxiways.....just make sure you have a closed loop taxiway-runway-taxiway back starting point. Worked for me. I had ai Short Sunderlands taxiing. Biggest...
  9. CanadaKen

    Aerofly 2 Released; Beta; Steam Games

    Was that not a type of shimmer on the airport buildings??? CK
  10. CanadaKen

    1930's Bugatti 100p set for first flight

    Well this is terrible news.
  11. CanadaKen

    Aerofly 2 Released; Beta; Steam Games

    Will there be a non-Steam version? CK
  12. CanadaKen

    Bellingham International (KBLI) Preview

    1st time I went through KBLI the departure lounge was a big trailer. When we returned our luggage was dumped onto a long angled wooden table. It was "Help yourself good luck finding yours" :D CK
  13. CanadaKen

    Bellingham International (KBLI) Preview

    Looks great! But you do realize 6 months after you release it you will need to redo it? :-) KBLI continues to grow like a weed! The changes have been amazing in the last 5-6 years. CK
  14. CanadaKen

    Prepar3D V3.3 released a few days ago.

    Can we see a day when LM will say Bye Bye FSX/FS9/Etc? P3D 4.0? Or P3D 64? CK
  15. CanadaKen

    1930's Bugatti 100p set for first flight

    She flies again....all fixed and a great safe flight. Ken
  16. CanadaKen

    AVSIM down again?...

    When I went back 10 mins later the site came up but another server error when I tried to log in. 30 mins later all was well. Ken
  17. CanadaKen

    AVSIM down again?...

    Down for me a few minutes ago.....server error. Ken
  18. CanadaKen


    Another very good malware scanner is ADWcleaner. But I 2nd Malwarebytes....saved my butt a few times! Ken
  19. CanadaKen

    Just downloaded Prepar3D V2 Academic...WOW. bought V2.5 under 60 days will get the V3.0 free. CK
  20. CanadaKen

    I've never seen this before!

    One of the ways I have recovered data for friends when their HDs packed it in is to put the drive in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then I quickly hook it up and get as much off as I can. I find this trick gives me 5 to 15 minutes to move data to a USB drive. CK