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  1. SelfRuling

    Ground polygon preferred workflow?

    Hi, I think creating ground polygon within Gmax is not very difficult but it takes some time. In my opinion, the only thing disturbing is the background image that we have to calibrate accurately. For example, if Gmax can show us a GoogleEarth background (like SbuilderX or FSXPlanner)...
  2. SelfRuling

    Back online, but...

    Thank you so much Arno ! :) It seems strange.. the day before the site gone down, I wondered me how designer could work without a site like that (wiki, useful tools, etc.)
  3. SelfRuling

    Photo-real ground textures in gmax for fs2004

    I'm just wondering how many times did you need to design this scenery ?
  4. SelfRuling

    Photo-real ground textures in gmax for fs2004

    Great work you have done :-)
  5. SelfRuling

    Photo-real ground textures in gmax for fs2004

    Hi, Is there any quicker method to do like this ? I mean if it's possible to let the polys (in Gmax) above the ground ? And during the export, all the element will be at 0 level ? Sorry for the pattern of my sentence, I hope you understood
  6. SelfRuling

    Photo-real ground textures in gmax for fs2004

    Hi Leo ! I suggest you to mix between polygons and loft things to draw the taxiways, the appron, the yellow lines etc.
  7. SelfRuling

    Creating A Ground Texture

    Hi, You have to use Photoshop (for instance). You open your high resolution image and then you add some marks (on X and Y axis) And finally, you select each part.. Edit You can also check this thread :
  8. SelfRuling

    Convert .tga files in large batches?

    For people who needs to know how to do it. Create a *.bat file and put these lines inside : @echo off imagetool -dxt1 -nomip -r *.tga
  9. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    Hi, PakMac, thank you for you help but yours solutions don't permit to obtain Arab text in Gmax. Arno, In my DXF File, I have a text only. Maybe could you tell me how can I convert my text into poly ? Finally, I succeeded to import Arab text into Gmax but the letters are not linked...
  10. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    Thank you for all for yours suggestions but the problem is still there. I can't import 3d Arabic text into Gmax. Thanks anyway.
  11. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    I'll try AC3D and keep you informed Thanks for your help :)
  12. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    Autocad 2007 don't propose *.ai format. By the way, in Gmax, there is no option to import *.ai file. I really lose hope... Thanks anyway
  13. SelfRuling

    What does this error mean?

    Hello, Could you please post a Hijackthis report ? I think you are meeting some spyware. By the way, you didn't tell us when this error appears.
  14. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    The reason I used Autocad is that I want to write a text in Arabic (Latin language works very well in Gmax but not Arabic and Chinese) So, I wrote in Autocad and then I import in Gmax (but the scene stay empty) I think the 3ds export option disappears in Autocad 2007.. Any advise would...
  15. SelfRuling

    Import DXF from Autocad

    Hi again, I'd like to know if someone know how can I import DXF file from Autocad in Gmax ? Gmax seems to import correctly but the scene stays empty (it's like my DXF file is empty) My DXF file only contains a text. Thanks for any help !
  16. SelfRuling

    Winking runway and ...

    Hi, Are you sure that your polygon (in GMax) is correctly placed at 0 (Z level) ? Try to delete this from the asm file : IFIN1 OBJECT_0_FAIL, image_complex, 2, 32767 I haven't this line with my ground polygons. Try to use a lower number instead 24 (16 for instance): ADDCAT...
  17. SelfRuling

    Gmax script for automatically placing objects

    Hi, Maybe it will help you :
  18. SelfRuling

    "*.asm" to "*.xml"... does converter exist?

    Hi Liona I think there is no way to convert asm files into xml files. When you export your project, you have to fill correctly the position of your polygon. You can't add your ground poly in a library. :)
  19. SelfRuling


    I suggest you to use Plane Object in Gmax instead 6 little polygon, why ? because it's more accurate.
  20. SelfRuling

    Custom Tower Design

    What is your gamepack ?