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  1. FlyingQuixote

    FSX Animation Exporting Problem

    Sorry for my late answer Heretic...can u explain better what u mean for "Reset scaling"...thanks a lot again; )
  2. FlyingQuixote

    FSX Animation Exporting Problem

    Sorry guys, I'm having problems with the export of animations in the sim too... i've tagged iailerons animation with a.manager tool...then i've exported in .x and it's seems right but model converter x deform the animation of aileron...and exporting .x to mdl and importing into the sim it...
  3. FlyingQuixote

    Super Modeller required

    Hi Colin we are great fans of you! I'm administrator of Flying Quixote a development team as yours, and this is our web site and fb page where you can find our work. we are available to both a commercial collaboration with a...