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    P3D v4 has anyone compared p3dv4 to the newly advertised msfs 2020

    It seems hard to imagine there would be much more that could be included in an affordable sim.
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    P3D v4 Import of new scenery objects into P3Dv4 is proving problematic

    With help from the old timers here I've succeeded with importing my test object from 3dsmax 2018 into mcx, and finally, exporting the object into both an mdl file and bgl file. However, I have NOT yet succeeded in SEEING my object appear in P3Dv4. Along that line, I've uncovered some difficult...
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    Error: can't find modeldef.xml

    Hi Arno, new build of windows 10, 64bit Never had P3d before, now have latest version 4.4 I filled in all the options, just as a test. no change
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    Please update me on tools for P3Dv4

    Hi gang, Got my export to .x and then to .mdl working. What's the best way now to compile bgls for p3dv4? I used to use Arno's library creator, Instant scenery 2, and at some point mcx had a bgl compiler IIRC, but a quick look shows none make mention of P3D.
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    Greetings for the first time in ages

    Hi all, I finally retired, and thought it would be fun to do a little designing. I only have fsx, and that's where I'll start. Before I lost track, I remember you need tools from several versions of p3dsdk, I see both a version 4 and version 3 sdk, so I downloaded them both. It appeared to...
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    P3D v3 3ds max 2018

    Hi all, wondering if anyone is designing with 3ds Max 2018. The P3d sdks specifically mention 3.4 version supported 3ds max 2017, but I haven't seen any mention of 2018 in either the 4.0 version or the 4.1 version. Bob
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    Control over axis orientation in Max (G or 3ds)

    I just learned (or perhaps relearned) a useful process that lets me establish the axis gizmo in quite unique orientations. I was working on a geodesic dome, that I wanted to hinge a section, but being a geodesic dome, the angles were quite difficult to define. I wanted an axis that was...
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    Found an interesting Max Script - Regularizer

    Hi gang, thought of you guys tonight. I downloaded a maxscript that does a nice job of predictably editing loops of edges.... Just for fun, I applied it to the job of cutting airplane side windows...there was a thread around here...
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    Helpful scripts for uv mapping (3dsmax)

    Hi all, I was studying a tutorial, which suggested I download a script for 3dsmax (ver 9 and higher). Its called textools and is really quite useful. Thought I'd share the info. Free download. Ez install. The link is You can use this link to both...
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    FSX Texturing directly in 3dsmax

    Hi all, I mentioned that 3dsmax can assist you in creating your texture internal to the program. I noted today that Paul made reference to my statement, and I thought I should show people what I meant. FSX (or P3D) will still demand the dev provide a "texture file". We know that folks...
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    I actually flew the sim tonight

    I know the devs here rarely actually fly, I'm no different. But tonight I actually flew, and wow. And it was practically default (I did have rex enabled). A real testament to the basic quality in fsx. My trip was from Palm Springs to Santa Monica, at dusk, doing my best to stay in legal...
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    Interesting new learning about gamma settings

    I was studying gamma settings in 3dsmax recently, and found a pretty interesting lesson. Thought I'd share. When we render in 3dsmax, we need to tell 3dsmax to display the resultant image with gamma encoding or we won't see the true extent of the color information. For a windows computer, the...
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    Bi-lingual FS help

    I admire Robystar for being able to help people bi-lingually. The chances that the recent fellow from Chile understanding what he needed to in English seemed low. However, in becomes clear.
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    Very interesting texture workflow I watched these videos today, and I thought of folks here. Mudbox is a tool I hadn't seen demonstrated, but its pretty amazing. If anyone is a student, it appears that this tool...
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    I was thinking back to the tools of the 90s

    I remember using a tool called VOD by Rafael Garcia created objects using primitives, and you had to keep track of the details of the object on your own...I drew mine on paper. Just for kicks I went out and downloaded the tool. You can still get it a Simviation, probably other...
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    object colors

    Hi gang...funny question here, but for some time my 3dsmax does not change to a different color when I model a new part. While it doesn't really impede my work, it would be better if the color changed, as it used to. Can someone remind me where that control is? Thanks Bob
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    Nurbs modelling

    Hi gang, I spent part of today exploring nurbs modelling. It seems to have some advantages for making curves. Has anyone found a useful way to employ it in their modelling? Bob
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    Surprised to find...

    that my export from the P3D export sdk for 3dsmax 2012 makes both a mdl and an x, and the mdl appears to happily be imported into mcx. It appears to eliminate the xtomdl step, which is pleasing. Anyone know of an issue with letting this export tool do the x to mdl conversion for me?
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    Perhaps the tweak article should be removed

    regarding extending animations beyond 1024 frames. The article can't be followed because the timer interpolation table appears not to exist in actual asm code...and yet the tweak article calls for it to be modified. My questions to all have brought no answers, which is unusual here. I...